Supreme Ventures Cashpot Daily Results Jamaica


Cashpot is one of the portfolios in the Supreme Ventures Ltd (SVL) of Jamaica. It is a preferred game with the Jamaican nationals and forefingers too. This is because SVL does announce special prizes. The Cash pot results Sep 2019 is much awaited to see such unbelievable prizes in million JMD. Here, we have discussed how to check the Cashpot result offline and online. These are the best for early birds and regular Cashpot pickers.

Cashpot Draw Timings

  • 8:30 AM
  • 10:30 AM
  • 1 PM
  • 3 PM
  • 5 PM
  • 8:25 PM

There are daily six draws in a week. However, the SVL does not announce Cashpot results on National holidays. This kind of daily draws makes a Cashpot wager to win lump sum prizes. It is advisable to bet a higher amount to get higher price money. If you are new to Cashpot, you can try your buck with a small amount betting. Nevertheless, you will become a regular Cashpot player, when you started to win its fabulous prizes. This can be from a few JMD to a million JMD.

Cashpot Result Online

SVL displays Cashpot result on its official website as and when it is drawn. It is the best for the Jamaicans to check online instantly from their internet-enabled devices. The lotto enthusiasts can check them later too as they will be archived and kept. This is because the SVL permits 90-days to claim Cashpot prizes from its authorized vendors and SVL office present in New Kingston. Their lotto website is functional 24/7 in Jamaica. If you won a prize, you must approach a nearby SVL dealer to claim your prize money. They will give a few hundred to thousands of Jamaican Dollars. They do not make any Cashpot sales as of now through their official website. However, one must not come under any online scam. This can happen when you go online and buy from any other lotto website.

Cashpot Result Offline

The Cashpot enthusiast can check with any of the authorized SVL dealers in Jamaica. This is helpful for the people present near them. They show them in print medium and through their website. If you have prized, he or she can take the prize amount up to 54,999 JM dollars. However, the more than 54,999 JM dollars will have to claim from SVL payment office only. The foreigners entering Jamaica legally can also get the prize amount.

The much-awaited Cash pot results Sep 2019 is the best to check with SVL website and other lotto channels. This is because; it is best to cross-checking the winning numbers. Those sites do have Cashpot lotto info and Cashpot predictions. This kind of Cashpot hot number analysis is the best to win more amounts. It will be better to bet on a higher amount to receive a bigger prize amount. This is because; it is a multiple prize-winning the lotto when you are in Mega Ball prize. Yet, every Cashpot enthusiast can see some special offers in September 2019.

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