How To Buy the Right Chemo Hair Wig


While the cancer treatment is physiologically overwhelming, the sudden hair loss during the chemo procedure has a significant toll one’s self-confidence. But, to your good fortune, there are special wigs for chemo patients that will help you get back your lost self-esteem.

Yes, most of the people are wary of wearing a wig, as they feel that their wig will be easily visible to people around, however, the modern wigs are made up of high-quality 100% human hair wig.

There is a myriad of facets you must keep in mind when you commence your search for the perfect chemo wig.

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Head Size

Just like shopping a trouser you take in account your waist size, similarly, when buying a chemo wig, you’ll have to take note of your head size, and based on that you must precede your search. This will help you to narrow down your search, and solve your big problem of buying a chemo wig. The wigs are broadly divided into three main categories: Petite, Average & Large. When measuring your head, ensure the tape measure is not to tight, slightly leave a gap of one finger.

Hair Wig Types

Now coming to another important in your search for the perfect wig for your chemo sessions is the hair type. The chemo wigs for chemo patients are available in two varieties; one is the human hair wigs, and the other being the synthetic hair wig. While, the 100% human hair wig is an easy pick, but since the hair loss during the chemo procedure is for a temporary phase, synthetic hair wig could that perfect quick fix for a few months.


Once, when you have decided on your hair wig type, it’s now you have to pick a style. There is an endless selection of options when it comes to wig styles, spanning from the long hairstyles, medium length hair cut or short chin-length, you can pick one that seamlessly amalgams with your overall look. For ladies have long hairstyles before their hair loss during chemotherapy procedure can go with the shorter hairstyles. The short hair length wig is much easier to manage; furthermore, they require less of transition when hair starts to grow back. It is important to select a style before you pick a colour. The wig colour wig comes in a wide range of colour choices.

It is pivotal importance to talk to your hairstylist as they can better advise you with the right hairstyle wig that seamlessly jells with your overall look. Don’t just buy any other hair wig, take your time to look into the quality aspect, as you probably don’t want to buy something that doesn’t last more than a week.

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