How to Differentiate an Original Adidas from Fake


Adidas is one of the most popular and leading footwear for sports and casual wear. It’s the preferred choice for many professional sportsmen as well as people looking for comfortable and high-quality footwear. A pair of Adidas footwear goes well on practically any outfit. So, if you want to stand out of the crowd, wearing a pair of Adidas will help you achieve your goal. One thing though; Adidas footwear is not cheap. It’s one of the most loved but expensive sneakers brands out there, which is why there are many fake designs on the market. Instead of shopping for a fake Adidas, you can use an Adidas coupon code to make your pair more affordable.

Major Differences between Original Adidas and the Fake

No doubt, it is becoming very hard to differentiate the authentic brand from fake because the fake manufacturers are perfecting their trade to imitate the original. However, there are some tiny details that differentiate the two. Don’t settle for the counterfeit when you can get the original. If cost is the issue, you can get an Adidas coupon code to help you save on your pair. An original Adidas is made of premium quality materials, which make the footwear very durable and long-lasting. Here are the major things to look out for to identify an original pair of Adidas.

Check the Serial Number before you purchase a pair of Adidas footwear, check the inside of the shoes. Compare the label tags on both pairs. The tag on the left will be different from the one on the right if it’s original. If both pairs have the same serial number inside, the Adidas is not original. Also, the serial number of the inner label tag must be the same as the one on the box. If not, you’re looking at a fake Adidas.

  • Check the Logo

Original Adidas footwear has the Adidas logo carved while the fake has the logo as the sticker. If the logo starts fading within a short period, it is definitely a fake Adidas. To save you the stress, you can shop for your original Adidas right from the official website with a valid Adidas coupon code to get savings.

  • Pay attention to the Color 

If you’re buying your pair of Adidas from an online store other than the official website, take time to compare the color with the one on the official site. If the color you want to buy is not available at the official site, know that it is a fake pair. Well, if you can access the official site, you might as well purchase your pair of Adidas from the site. You can even get an Adidas coupon code to help you save.

  • Check the Laces and Eyelets

Original Adidas footwear usually has an additional pair of laces, packed in the box. If you can’t find the extra laces in the package, there is a high chance that you have a fake pair. Many fake producers have also begun to include an additional pair of laces, which means you can’t use this as the only yardstick to differentiate a fake from the original. To be absolutely sure, check the material of the eyelets. If the eyelets for the laces are metal, there is a high chance that it is a fake pair, especially if it’s a new model. This is because new models of Adidas don’t have metal eyelets. Only old models do.

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