How to Enhance your Car Visibility


The visibility of your car is not only important for the cosmetic purposes, but for the primary security reasons. With lower visibility, the risk of getting trapped into a collision or road accident doubles. The primary object of car visibility is the windshield, but the roles of rear view mirrors, rear view cameras, 360 degree view cameras, blind spot monitors and rear park assist are no less important.

That is the reason, why the modern cars are focusing more on increasing the visibility aspect and installing latest technologies that can make the driver feel ever more confident with everything that’s happening around the car he is driving. But there are several situations that can bring down the visibility of your car, making it difficult for you to drive safely.

So, how can you enhance the visibility of your car? Let us ponder over the points that were shared with us by the Phoenix Mazda dealership staff.

Keep your Windshield Clean

In rainy seasons, or during snowfall, the car part that gets worst affected is the windshield. To keep it clean, especially when you’re driving through rains, you need your windshield wipers to work constantly and precisely. But over the time, these wipers can get worn out and even lose their efficiency. That can affect the visibility to a great extent, increasing the risks of accidents especially during night. The best way to stay out of such danger, is to keep changing your windshield wipers time to time. We would also suggest you to always choose a branded one, to get the best results.

Keep your Head and Tail Lamps Clean

When you drive after it is dark outside, it is the pair of head and tail lamps that save you from getting trapped into any accident. So, the best way to maintain good visibility while driving at night is to keep these lamps clean and in good shape.

Making the Best Use of Rear View Mirrors

The cars that aren’t equipped with rear view cameras are solely dependent on the pair of rear view mirrors, to have a clear view of its rear side. Hence, while driving, keep these mirrors wide open and fix them at the right angle that can arm you with the most crucial views while you change the lane, park the car, take a turn and even open the door.

Installing a Rear View Camera

Even if your car has not offered you with a rear vision or 360 degree view camera, but you have an infotainment system that supports these views, you can always invest in one and enhance the overall visibility of your car.

Keeping the Rear Window Free

As rightly said by the Mazda Phoenix staff, car users have a common habit to stuff the rear window with several items. While some do it unintentionally, just to keep things handy, others tend to decorate their cars keeping some stuff on the rear glass platform. But that is the sure recipe to block your rear vision when you drive. Especially if you don’t have a park assist feature enabled in your car, it is the rear window that gives you a better view of the rear side, and help you in parallel parking. Hence, make sure to keep the rear window unblocked, open and clean, to enhance your car visibility.

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