3 Factors about Indian Railways that Can Always Make Your Rail Journeys Comfortable


There are ways that you can easily make train journeys comfortable, effective and smooth. Many facilities are there these days that make sure that you get whatever you desire for and your experience is good only.

The point is Indian railways have become really advanced these days. You can find many facilities that are not just comfortable, effective and useful but also game changing and really speedy. You can check out the features below in this post that would open your eyes for sure.

  1. PNR Number

Have you ever heard of or read about this PNR number? Passenger Name Record number is a type of a unique ten-digit number. The number is catered against every booked train ticket. No matter, you do the booking of ticket online or on the counter in the railway station), the ticket is definitely going to have a PNR number. Every kind of railway ticket that has been reserved is in waiting or otherwise possesses a PNR number.

  1. 139 Number

When you know about Railway PNR enquiry number 139, you have all the things on your desk. All you have to do is you just need to send a SMS on this number and you fetch the data you are looking for. It is one nation -wide ten digits Number for all the queries or questions related to Rail Passenger. Certainly, whether you are living in one corner or in any other area of the nation; you can get the information you require right by sending an SMS.

The passengers or users can easily call, send an SMS or even make use of USSD from any Town, hamlet or City in the absence of any STD for all usual enquiries of train running and reservation associated enquiries. These inquiries can be like that of PNR Status, Ticket (General &Tatkal) availability, Platform of the train, Train Arrival, Departure, Diverted & even Cancelled Schedules, Ticket Cancellation, Fare, Destination Alert, Seat availability, Wake-up Call and so on. Once you send the query on the number, you can experience utmost effectively.

  • The great news is that it is reachable from all telephones (Landline your Mobile, etc.) Also, from all the Service Providers.
  • Information can be accumulated in Regional languages other than English and Hindi.
  • Certainly, these things make it comfortable and effortless for you to get information related to anything and anytime. You would not have to go to railway station and stand in queues to get the info.

Of course, these things do matter in the life of a normal person.

  1. Food of your choice

There are advanced facilities in trains that allow you to experience scrumptious and healthy food items. You can comfortably do online food order in train for yourself. In this way you would get the food fresh, warm and absolutely hygienic that too without any problem. You would get the food parcel right on the next station on which your train halts. But you have to make the order around an hour in advance.


So, you must be feeling elevated after knowing all three factors about Indian railways, right?

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