Ideas To Surprise Mom On Mother’s Day


Mother is that person who knows everything about you, even when you are trying to hide something from her. Her power is the greatest in this world. She is the one who always brings out the best from within you. Without her guidance, the whole life seems to be a desert and with her even a dark room seems a bright one. Our relation with our mothers is not from our birthdate, but this eternal bond is formed right at the moment she conceives us in her womb. Without even seeing us, she loves us and cares for us – a whole life would be less to understand her power and love towards us. In return we do very little to acknowledge her in our life. In fact, it would be better to say that whatever we do for her is always small in comparison to her benevolence towards us.

The mother’s day is nearing and it is our duty to make this day a memorable one for her. Mother’s day is universally dedicated to all mothers to commemorate her love and care for us. Apart from bringing her a Mother’s Day cake, what else can be done to make her feel special? Here’s a list of the surprises that you can gift your mom.

  1. Bring her the mesmerizing black forest cake along with a flower bouquet at midnight. In case you are away from your home town on that day, make sure that you get an online delivery of cakes and flowers at midnight. She would definitely love your idea of surprising her.
  2. You can celebrate this mother’s day just like her another birthday. The morning she wakes up, she should find a delectable red velvet cake inside the refrigerator with “you are the best mom ever” written over it.
  3. Take her out with an excuse and while she is out decorate the whole house with balloons, colored papers, and flowers and the chocolate fudge cake should be ready. The moment she enters the home, she would be dumbstruck with the surprise.
  4. If she is a working lady, send a Mother’s Day cake from any online gift shop like Ferns and Petals to her office. And also do not forget to send a personalized coffee mug with coaster for her work-station.
  5. When she returns home in the evening after the long working hours of office she should the home decorated with lovely candles. Say her that the food is ordered. Remember to order all her favorite items. The guest list for the evening should include her best friends and siblings. You can start the program by cutting a lovely strawberry cake.
  6. On the eve of Mother’s Day, you can gift her a lovely Cotton-silk saree along with matching jewelry. Keep these gifts in her closet with a lovely package. Bake a Vanilla cake yourself on this wonderful occasion.

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