Importance of Video Games in our Daily Life


In today’s era the Video games has placed itself as a main pillar. Without these video games let me say now it is very difficult the handle of today’s Generations child. With some negative effect Gaming also have some positive effects that can be fruitful for our child not now but also in the future time. As it also the common saying that the video gaming or IGI will help one to succeed you in your life.

As I mention before with negative there are also some positive point which the gaming have. Those are following.


The first and most important point which you must notice that the gaming enable you are your children to learn the Patience in life. As you know the grinding the term which means go through to the hard work. Which is in common very hard enough but when you see it in term of reward it will be look like very easy to do. Because when you complete the work at the end you will received something in the shape of reward. Same like in the Shooting PC Games when you try to achieve the mission you failed once but after and after try once you make it complete the mission there is new level awaited for you which is very happy situation if you are game lover.

Forward Thinking and Strategic Planning

There are some games exist which are very helpful for the child in the development of their mental health forward thinking and also improve his strategic planning. For example Puzzle Games or Shooting Games like IGI Project and other GTA etc. all such games based on the strategy. At each level you have to make some preplan about how to defeat the enemy and get  the target.

Mental and Creative Prowess

This is very strong point which every parent like that it should behave in their children because the children in strong mental health will prosper in daily life. This also make him the creative thinking about new and new ideas of life. PC Games help the parent in child mental training which is also very necessary with other education.

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