Kia carnival vs MG G10: Battle of 9-seaters people carrier


The battle never ends whether in terms of education, war, science or car technology. Everyday new invention is getting out to ease various needs of people and the betterment of society also, so as with the cars. The car companies are also battling with each other to win customers heart by providing them better features in comparison with the others. One of the best known competing cars at auto expo this year was MG G10 and Kia carnival in terms of providing better 9 seaters capacity.

Firstly, the Kia carnival was launched at auto expo 2020 than just a day after MG Motor also launched its one of the best known car MG G10 .

So, let us discuss the key features of both cars with respect to one another:

  1. Engine quality:

The Kia carnival is perforated with BS622- liter diesel engine while MG G10 has two engine options, first with 2.0-liter petrol and another with 1.9 liter diesel. So, it is the huge difference between the two cars. The MG G10 2.0 liter diesel can produce 15ps more power than that of Kia.

  1. Size of Kia carnival and MG G10 :

Since both the cars are 7-9 seated but MG G10 is larger as compared to the Kia carnival. It is slightly taller, narrower, and longer than it’s rival. It also includes longer wheelbase that definitely indicate more space for the passengers. The luggage compartment of MG G10 is also larger than Kia providing you to carry as much as stuffs as you can.

  1. Characteristics:

Although both of them are perforated with luxury variant but MG G10 second row captain seat can be easily powered in 10 ways while carnival captain seats are less powered as compared to G 10. The comfort level in MG G10 is more as compared to the Kia carnival as it comes with footrest feature in Limousine variant.

Features are not ending here more like, it has ventilated drivers seat and UVO connected car also. The best part of MG G10 is that it has power sliding doors so that it can consume less power of yours and provide you great comfort.

  1. Safety and Security:

The MG G10 also comes with 360° camera to monitor every possible vehicles as it can. The G10 model is also fitted with dual airbags. It also own electric stability program.


  1. According to me, MG G10 is better than Kia carnival from all point of view.
  2. MG G10 provides you better space, comfort and your luggage will all be secured as the luggage carrier of MG G10 is bigger than Kia carnival.
  3. When it comes to safety, MG G10 provides you better security than Kia carnival in terms of parking assistance, camera, rearview, etc.
  4. The engine quality of MG G10 is better than Kia carnival and it also provides better mileage than Kia.
  5. In short, MG G10 is better 9- seater car than Kia Carnival.
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