The Needs Of The Elderly


As the world gets busier the elderly often get left behind. Sometimes they live in active households, where everyone works at something or the other. There is no time to talk to the elderly, even to find out what they may need. Slowly, they become isolated, and start looking out for other elderly people who also be feeling lonely. In the past, they may have refused the well meaning offers of their children, to house them with other similarly old people in establishments specially meant for them. These Old Age Homes are like long term nursing homes that provide creature comforts as well as timely geriatric treatment, but in a social milieu inhabited by the elderly. But none of us have ever lived with only old people around us. After some time this closeness with people of the same age only, breeds mental tiredness, and the desire to live sometimes evaporates. Home is where the heart is, as they say, and in-spite of all the comforts and medical care provided, these elderly people yearns to return to their own homes. Children who love their parents will recognize the symptoms and try utmost to bring their aging parents or relatives back home. This is where, senior home care, of at-least the same standard provided by the Old Age Homes, become a necessity.

Selecting Home Care

Senior home care givers need to be screened carefully on application. References must be thoroughly checked and confirmed (perhaps by contacting the references themselves directly). Training must be provided if necessary, or checked, along with credentials. It is important to carry out checks on the background of the shortlisted applicants. Legal contracts and paper work must be first completed with the selected Caregiver before permitting the person to start work. If the elderly person is already In a Old Age Home, please ensure that a satisfactory Caregiver is first selected before bringing home the elderly.

Services For Seniors

The elderly needs a number of essential services apart from medical care. Perhaps the most important need is for Companionship. Busy people at home just do not have enough time for the elderly. Dietary support is needed. Daily functions, which were normal before, are now dependant on assistance. Mobile beauty care services are often requested, as the senior person does not want to look shabby. Helping with communication with relatives and friends is another essential function. Old age is the time when people want to keep in touch with the widest circle of acquaintances as possible, as the feeling of being close to the end sets in. In time, a successful long term Caregiver becomes the person closest to the elderly being taken care of.

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