Look and recognise before you purchase gemstones


The tradition of wearing gemstones is not new. People have been believing in astrology and the power of stones since the time of kings and kingdoms. The rulers would wear a lot of rings and stones to keep up the good influence of the planets on their rule. This tradition has been handed down over the ages and people continue to consult astrologers and wear the stones advised by them. But in present times, you have to be careful about the kind of stone you are buying. You need to buy certifies gemstones online in India because the number off akes is quite high.

Gemstones need to be original if you want their effect on your stars. Fake ones will only harm you. The main reason behind the rising number of fakes is the huge demand for the stones. They come in all shapes, sizes as well as colours which makes it difficult to differentiate the original ones from the fakes. This is why you need to buy certified gemstones only. The certification should come from not only the sellers but also the organisation which certifies the stones on the basis of their quality. This is certification is especially useful when you online stone shopping. The online stores do not allow you the trust of the brick and mortar store but if you have the certification that the stone is authentic then you need not worry about it.

However, it is also important to be able to differentiate between the original and fake if you happen to come across both. The synthetic ones are very shiny and lustrous. The original stones do not shine unless they are cut and polished. Try to look for inclusions in the stone with your naked eye or else you can also try to use a magnifying glass. If the stone has been removed from any ring then you might find signs of chipping. You can also look for black spots or even scratches on the surface of the stone. It is extremely rare to find stones that are flawless and transparent. If you are still not sure try to get the help of a qualified gemologist.

The colour of the gemstone is also important for ascertaining the originality of the stone. If you buy certified gemstones online in india then you remember that the stone’s colour should neither be too pale nor extremely vibrant. However, many manufacturers treat the gems to enhance their colours. You can place the gem under a microscope to see if the stone has excessive colour concentration.

However, the most important step you must take while online stone shopping is finding a reputed seller. This can help you solve a lot of problems of verifying the stones you are buying. But that is not to say that reputed seller cannot sell you fake stones. The steps to recognise the stones will help you verify the purchase. It is also inadvisable to purchase any stone from stores only because they are being endorsed by celebrities. It is best to check the certification from the authority before purchasing the stones.

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