Loss Fast and Effectively Using Orlistat Powder


Orlistat powder was recently approved by the FDA in a 60 mg over-the-counter dosage. This lipase inhibitor inhibits ~25% fat absorption and has ~85% of the potency of the 120-mg weight loss dosage. Diet and orlistat 60 mg averages for over 16 weeks of weight loss of ~5 per cent of the original body mass. The 60-mg dose is better tolerated than the 120-mg dose, because as people eat < 30 percent of their fat calories they have no gastrointestinal side effects. Besides making mild weight loss faster, orlistat uses reduces serum LDL cholesterol by ~10%. Taking three times a day before meals, orlistat 60 mg changes the behaviour of living, supports lower fat use and lays the groundwork for other healthier lifestyle changes.

What does it do

Obesity is a body weight gaining disease. In the current medicine method, many synthetic medications with increased potency are added. Orlistate is an agent that reduces gastric and pancreatic lipases to promote weight loss in obese subjects. Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe, Zingiberacae) has long been used as a remedy to treat many illnesses and is one of the most widely used spices in the world.

Forty male albino rats were non-treated (control), fed high fat diets, or fed high-fat diets (200 mg / kg) or supplemented with high-fat diets (5% ginger) powder. The final body weight and food intake have been determined after four weeks of treatment. Blood samples have been obtained, lipid parameters have been determined, complete bilirubin, and pancreatic lipase. Liver peroxisomes have been isolated and peroxisomal catalase activity has been observed.

Ginger and orlistat therapy had an important influence on lowering body weight, as well as increasing the food consumption by complementing diet with orlistat. Ginger as well as orlistat could minimise the profile of the lipid and ginger had an significant impact on HDL cholesterol rise than orlistat. Ginger therapy did not affect either overall bilirubin or pancreas lipase activity relative to the control group, although orlistat clearly decreased its concentration. Orlistat supplementation caused a substantial decline in peroxisomal catalase, while enzyme activity was reported to interfere.


As a hard-gelatin Turquoise capsule, Orlistate powder  is available as an oral administration. The capsule has a black label. A pellet formulation comprising of 120 mg, orlistat and microcrystalline glycolate, sodium starch glycolate, sodium-sulphate, povidone, and talc, each capsule contains the inactive ingredients. The capsule contained gelatine, propylene glycol, solid ammonium solution, hydermaked potassium hydroxide and black iron oxide, and the capsules are Blue No. 2, with the use of black ink and black printing inks.

Suggested Dose

Orlistate prescribed dosage is 1 120 mg 3 times daily with of main meal of fat (up to 1 hour after meal).

Since the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and beta-carotene was found to be decreased in xenical, patients should be recommended to take a multivitamin of fat-soluble vitamins to ensure sufficient nutrition from cetilistat manufacturer. At least 2 hours before or after Orlistate powder is given, such as bedtim, the vitamin supplement should be taken.

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