Planning To Hire A Caterer For A Baby Shower? Here’s What To Look For


A baby shower is a perfect way to shower the soon to be the mom with gifts, adoration, and love. The celebration may actually be the last time the expecting mother can spend time with all her closest family members and friends before the baby arrives. As the host, the planning process can but a lot of pressure on your shoulders.

Everything from sending out the invites, finding a venue, decorating, and planning the menu can quickly become a hectic mess. Instead of trying to tackle everything yourself, why not try to delegate the tasks? No, this doesn’t necessarily mean roping in other people to help, hiring a DC baby shower catering company can take away a lot of stress and pressure.

Before hiring just any caterer for the shower, you also have to put some effort into finding the best one. Here are a few factors to weigh in when choosing a DC baby shower caterer:

Factor #1: Venue Catering Conditions

Not all venues allow outside catering companies for their parties. Always check the fine print of the venue’s rules and regulations if you are required to hire their in-house catering services. If you want to make the planning process even easier, consult your preferred catering company if they have ties and partnerships with possible baby shower venues.

Factor #2: Budget

It is always preferable to hire and work with a catering company that is willing to work with your budget. There are experienced local DC caterers that will gladly create a customized menu for the baby shower according to your budget. Don’t hesitate to ask for affordable menu options if you’re on a tight budget. Expert caterers will do their best to ensure the food is both affordable AND delicious.

Factor #3: Extent Of Services

Determine whether you are planning to just order food and do the rest yourself or if you want a full catering service. This means hiring a team to set up the venue, serve the food, and clean up. Of course, this will cost extra, but do not assume that it is part of the package unless you specifically ask for it.

Professional catering companies tend to have staff ready for a full-service catering gig, but this is only applicable upon request and with additional cost.

Factor #4: Themed Parties

Baby showers are more fun when there is a theme. Sadly, not all caterers offer services that can be customized to fit a theme. If you are the type to truly shower your loved ones with extra surprises, it is better to work with a catering company that can and will meet your expectations.

Factor #5: Experience In Baby Shower Catering

Not all caterers have experience in specifically catering during baby showers. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, ask the catering company if they have catered for a baby shower in the past. The more years they have in terms of experience, the less stress you’ll feel on the day of the shower because their team already knows exactly what to do.

Let our team at Saint Germain Catering help you with the food and service for your DC baby shower. Contact us today and let’s discuss what you have in mind.

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