Poetic Urdu words as wedding gifts


Urdu is the language of romance, of love, of emotion, of passion. Incomparable to any other, Urdu expression is both passionate and profound, both subtle and strong. This rare quality of encapsulating contrasting tones in a single sentence makes Urdu apt for poetry. The reason why Urdu poetry touches the heart and strikes the mind is because of its basic unit – the words. Each word of Urdu is a poem, an enigma in itself. Poetic words strung together therefore create the magic that is Urdu poetry. This gives us the idea of giving a wedding gift or a wedding anniversary present to a couple with a frame of an Urdu sher. An Urdu wedding gift or Urdu marriage gift, with an Urdu sher or nazm that captures the ethos of marriage, love and friendship.

A simple search on Google can help you find the perfect Urdu couplet for a couple about to get married or celebrating their marriage anniversary. You would find plenty of websites that are repositories of poems and couplets of all kinds of shayars – legendary, renowned, well-known, and even the up and coming. You can search the couplets according to keywords like marriage, companionship or love.

Or you can get written in calligraphy certain Urdu alfaaz that reflect the essence of marriage, for example, Mohabbat (Love), Ulfat (Affection), Khuloos (Purity/Sincerity), Aitbaar (Trust), Reham-dili (Mercifulness) and Meherbaani (Graciousness). These are the elements needed make a marriage work. Both partners must be loving, affectionate, sincere, trustworthy, compassionate and graceful towards one another in order to not just sustain the marriage, but to make it thrive and bloom. In order to keep the spark alive in the marriage, the couple can perhaps look at a frame with these words, preferably with the names of the boy and the girl written on them too. It would serve as a good reminder for the couple with regard to the essence of marriage.

Though Urdu is spoken mostly by those adhering to the Islamic faith, it’s also loved by people of all faiths particularly in the Indian subcontinent. Urdu poetry with no religious imprint can be written in calligraphy on canvas or paper and can be given as a wedding or wedding anniversary gift to a non-Muslim couple too.

A Muslim, however, can also get the Urdu translation of an ayat from the Quran or a narration from the Hadith written in calligraphy. This can be presented as a wedding gift or a wedding anniversary gift by one spouse to another spouse, or to parents, siblings, relatives, friends or colleagues. When Urdu calligraphy is inspired from the teachings of Islam, it can be included within the realm of Islamic calligraphy art or Islamic gifts.

Certainly, an Urdu marriage gift or an Urdu wedding gift, especially if its customised with the names of the couple, would make for a perfect gift that the recipient would greatly cherish and value and would thank you for it with glee and excitement. Now, isn’t that such a great gifting idea?

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