Pulling the Party Together


Having an outdoor party involves quite a bit of planning. There is the food, the entertainment, and the guest list. But what about the need for potential cover in the event of inclement weather? That means needing something portable at your disposal.

Check out marquee hire prices in Kingston to get the kind of portable, stylish party tent that you need to fix your next event. Whether the tent is the focal point of the evening or simply there in case the weather turns, it will prove to be a valuable addition.

More Than a Tent

When you look into a Kingston marquee hire, you are looking for so much more than a tent. Instead of just getting a simple covering, you are getting a comprehensive hosting experience that includes things such as:

  • Dance flooring
  • Heaters
  • Track lighting
  • Disco lighting
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Bar units
  • Portable jukeboxes

No matter what the weather is like, you can guarantee that your venue is hopping and comfortable. That can make the difference between a successful, fun party and one where the guests would clearly rather be elsewhere.

Create the Party You Dreamed of

Depending on your choices, the tent that you choose can be so much more than a simple covering. You can add mood lighting, a dance floor, or even a jukebox to the mix to really ramp the party up to its fullest levels. That can mean the difference between just another party and the type that is remembered forever.

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