Spreads And Jams That Will Make You Forget Nutella Hazelnut Spread


We all love the Ferrero Nutella hazelnut spread, and why not? It is incredibly delicious, and there’s no other spread that can beat it. Or we think there’s no alternative because we never looked for one. Today, I’m going to tell you seven other options that will bring a scrumptious difference to your breakfast routine.

All these are Italian spreads and made from natural fruits and nuts with no artificial ingredients added.

Cocoa & Hazelnut Spread by Mulino Bianco

The chocolate spread made of natural Italian hazelnuts with no palm oil or hydrogenated fats is perfect for your tastebuds and poses no risk to your health. You can enjoy this on its own, spread it on toast and cakes or mix it with yogurt and ice creams, and the Mulino Bianco cocoa and hazelnut spread will surely not disappoint.It is made with high-quality ingredients and 100% hazelnuts grown in Italy.

Fresh Strawberry Extra Jam by Prunotto

Enough of artificial flavorings and boring jams at breakfast. Bring some excitement with natural strawberries harvested from the orchards of Alba and the Langhe and Roero.

This jam is prepared through a traditional method of cooking in a pot with 100% natural strawberries and only the addition of sugarcane.
This jam is not only a luscious start to your mornings but a healthy kick for your entire day. Also, you can enjoy this in snack time and make innovative desserts using the jam.

Organic Fruit Spread BlueBerry Jam by Rigoni di Asiago

The Wild Blueberry Jam Spread by Rigoni di Asiago is an incredible balance of sweet and sour. This spread is not only appetizing but equally healthy too with no sugar, no fructose corn syrup, no gluten, non-GMO, and completely organic.The fruit spread is sweetened by organic apple juice instead, and the tanginess of wild blueberries makes it a perfect choice for your toasts, sweet yogurt, and ice creams.

Prunes Extra Jam by Prunotto

This jam will remind you of your grandmother and her delicious jams that she uses to cook in her kitchen pots, and the reason being that Prunes Extra Jam by Prunotto is prepared in that same classic manner. No artificial flavorings or preservatives added, stored using natural preservation.

The addition of sugar cuts down the need for adding fructose syrup or white sugar. Other than that, the jam is made of 100% pure, organically grown, and optimally ripened plums that will refresh your tastebuds and make you crave for it every day.

Nocciolata Organic Hazelnut Spread with Cocoa and Milk by Rigoni di Asiago

A spread so well that you will never buy Nutella again!Made with premium quality ingredients and has a delectable creamy, chocolaty, and velvety taste. Nocciolata is made with certified organic hazelnuts grown and harvested in Italy and is free from chemicals, artificial flavors, and palm oil.

Nocciolata hazelnut spread includes dark chocolate, Italian hazelnuts, brown sugar, skim milk, and bourbon vanilla extract. Non-GMO and free from hydrogenated fats. Tastes perfect with morning toasts, freshly baked bread, cakes, muffins, ice creams, and other desserts. It Complements all your chocolate baking items. Too good to make you lick your fingers.

Pistachio Cream Spread Made in Sicily

The Sicilian pistachio cream spread is a perfect treat for pasta lovers. This spread is made in Italy from completely organic ingredients that include premium quality, 100% naturally grown, and perfectly roasted Pistachios. Free from artificial flavorings and chemicals and is also free from gluten.

If you are tired from those mixed fruit jams and chocolate spreads, then you should try this rare flavored cream spread. I bet it will leave you mouth-watered in the first bite. You can have this with freshly baked bread and ice creams. Also, if you are a Pista fan, you can include this in your regular dessert recipes and twist them.

Peach Extra Jam by Prunotto

The best peach jam made from optimally ripened peaches grown in orchards and selectively picked based on the quality. No artificial flavorings or chemicals added. Only sugar cane added for sweetness. Cooked in pots and preserved using ancient methods of fruit preservation.100% pure and natural peaches used, and the jam is prepared under proper hygienic conditions. This peach jam will remind you of the fruit jams your grandmother used to cook. Tastes delicious when paired with freshly baked bread and butter mountains. It makes your breakfast and snack time healthy as well as excitingly delicious.

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