Tips To Help You Pick The Right Boarding Facility For Your Pet


The majority of us tend to take a holiday every year and although this is a great thing, it can also be stressful when you have to leave your pet behind. However, travelling with your dog can be inconvenient and may not be possible because of restrictions in holiday cottages, hotels, trains and other transportation means. Thus, you need to find a hotel or kennel for your dog to stay in while you are on holiday. A god boarding service should be able to treat your pet with love and respect as well as offer it a comfortable and secure home until you return. To help you make a wise choice of boarding facility, read the tips below.

Take a Tour of the Facility

If you have already considered a pet care facility, visit the place and ask its employees questions regarding your board and care concerns. This can help you in being comfortable with the facility and the individuals who will be taking care of your pet. When an employee who rushes you through a tour of the facility, this may signify that he will not have enough time to provide your pet the right attention it deserves. As holiday travel includes plenty of advance planning, think about a test run by taking your pet to the facility for some pet daycare visits prior to your holiday leave. You can expect this to offer you a real sense of whether the boarding facility is perfect for your dog or not.

Obtain an Idea of the Daily Routine for Dogs in the Facility

Pets in boarding facilities must be permitted plenty of opportunities for burning off excessive energy. Also, do not forget to ask about overnight care for dogs.

Find Amenities Made for Relieving the Stress of Changing the Environment of a Pet

Sometimes, dogs will not find it easy to deal with boarding. Find a boarding facility such as Petsmart Hotel with many outlets for more energy and stimulation as well as staff interactions. The staff should be the ones who will exercise your pet and uses group play options for dogs that are socially active.

Know About the Regimen Followed to Maintain Cleanliness of the Facility

The staff and management of good boarding facility like Petsmart Boarding follow disinfection and cleaning regimen. Keep in mind that a clean environment is helpful ensuring that your pet comes home happy and healthy.

Ask about the Policy of the Facility on Staff Supervision of the Pet

This is particularly necessary if your dog is taking part in group plays. Your pet must not be left unattended at any time when engaging in a group play since this can be harmful. Think about asking the kinds of training its staff needs to complete in order to supervise pets in group plays.

Make Sure the Facility has Staff Available to Work Round the Clock

Your pet should not be left alone and you wish to make sure an employee of the boarding facility is available in case of an emergency.

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