Understanding How OOCL Container Tracking Systems Work


All You Need To Know About OOCL

Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) is one of the largest container transportation companies which is based in Hong Kong. Their main operations include smooth transportation, efficient logistics and terminal related services. At present, they are operational in 7 different countries. The containers with the OOCL brand name assure high safety, improved quality and environment-friendly management systems. Their main aim is to offer customer-centric solutions to all shipment and tracking related queries while encouraging innovation for smooth functioning. It owns rail tracks, terminals, trailers and containers for shipment.

Best Features of Using OOCL Container Tracking Systems

There are several reasons why businesses today require highly automated container tracking systems and one of the major ones being the sudden increase of demand in the shipment industry. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic situation has greatly affected the overall export industry of many countries, the shipping industry is still one of the few industries that have witnessed more investment since the announcement of a pandemic. OOCL shipping line has announced itself as a beneficial choice and some of the noteworthy features of OOCL container tracking systems are mentioned below.

  • One-stop solution for all issues/queries relating to the process of cargo shipment.
  • It helps manage the freight costs efficiently by helping in the initial planning stage of the container shipping process.
  • It allows on-time and accurate information delivery on both FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Than Container Load) shipments with just one click.
  • It offers improved visibility of different shipment routes to help avoid delays in shipping schedule due to congestion or traffic as the desired ports as well as helps make decisions in time if an issue arises or plan contingency in case modifications are required.
  • The ocean freight feature of the OOCL container tracking system is the best as it allows businesses to keep a constant check on the shipment, starting from leave time to arrival time and current shipment status.
  • All you need is either the container number, the bill of lading number or the shipment booking number to track the exact live location of your container shipment.
  • Reduces the need of being in constant touch with your carrier service provider as you have access to all that information on one singular OOCL platform.

Know More About Why Investing In OOCL Container Tracking System Is Necessary

  1. Real-time container shipment tracking available 24/7 and on any electronic device
  2. Aids and supports efficient supply chain management with multiple inbuilt features like dashboard services, shipment history, expected port traffic, etc.
  3. Increases the return on investment with effective management and contingency planning
  4. Warns and helps avoid unexpected additional costs while shipping
  5. Well equipped with all required paperwork formats to participate in international shipping
  6. All container shipments are highly automated with RFID chips and GPS satellites to ensure the exact and accurate location of the containers in transit can be traced

Overall, there are various reasons why businesses today choose to invest high amounts of money in an efficient OOCL container tracking system and this can further be aided with the help of various online services available as per your convenience. These online services offer added benefits to the existing OOCL container tracking systems like a list of carrier service providers around you, tariff rates, currency exchange rates, map overview of shipment, etc. Such services, along with an OOCL container tracking system in place, can really help businesses reduce costs of human employment, extensive research and planning and freight charges as a supply chain management system will be in place to look after all these concerns. You can also know more about the OOCL Container Tracking System if you want to enhance your knowledge on the subject.

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