What Is Your Home Protection Plan?


The last thing a buyer wants at the close of a deal home is breakages and unrepaired homes for a while. To be on the safer end it is wise to take this home protection plan. This plan makes sure that your house remains in order at all times. A home protection plan is a service contract between the company and a homeowner, and it takes off all the repairs, replacements, and maintenance of the home appliances and some of the home systems. All the repairs and replacements are taken care of by the protection plan company, and the homeowner does not have to worry or pay for these service charges. 

Benefits of a home protection plan

  1. Protection plans are packaged to cover specific systems such as:
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Plumbing lines
  • Electrical system.

It is easy for a homeowner to choose a package that best suits all appliances and systems in the home and custom make the package cover all his issues regarding home repairs.

  1. The protection plan gives the homeowner a perfect stay at their home with a relaxing attitude and peace of mind, for they are sure in case of a   mechanical breakdown that needs to be repaired or replaced, the plan will save them.
  2. It is a saving plan for the homeowner, and homeowners enjoy the benefit of the protection plan companies taking care of the appliance’s repairs and replacements and even maintenance. The homeowners do not use their money during which can be very expensive for certain repairs.
  3. The homeowners get to enjoy the service of the best providers in the market as companies source them out on behalf of the homeowner.
  4. In the case of aging appliances, a homeowner can consult with the company to replace other appliances’ better qualities.
  5.  Better appliances in case of replacements which are bought directly by your protection plan company

Other companies offer different protection plan covers; the homeowner’s work is to read through and understand the various services provided to get the best package. Some companies allow for upgrades for their clients to enjoy a complete all-inclusive package to cover the protection plan. 

The process of a house protection plan

Once a homeowner has identified a protection plan that best suits his wishes, he can proceed forward and apply for one where there are some payments made for the company to facilitate this service. When a homeowner identifies an appliance or a system that needs the services of a provider, the process  begins, and this is what takes place;

  • The house owner calls the service company to enquire about their services.
  • The service company calls their service provider whom they have a contract with and briefs them on the client’s objectives.
  •  The service provider calls the client and books an appointment with them.
  • Upon completion of the job, the service provider company takes care of all the bills incurred in the process.

What is covered in the home protection plan?

The home protection cover depends on what your plan company offers and the package you chose for your cover. Different companies will offer different packages; some are special and with discount figures while others are what most people refer to as usual. Some of the protection plans cover the major home systems and appliances; the premium package is a type of protection plan offered by various companies and, it covers the exteriors of;

  • Water services
  • Sewer  lines services
  • Septic lines services
  • Heating systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Gas lines

An inclusive home protection plan leaves the homeowner with no worry or stress about his home maintenance, repairs, and replacements. Homeowners who opt out of these protection plans incur many expenses in the renovation of their houses compared to the protected homeowners. Some of the appliances requiring the plumbing services you find the pipes are hidden into the homes’ walls. Others pass through the ceiling and below the tiles, and for a repair, all this has to be compromised, and it is the owner of the house to take control of all the incurred bills.

Renovation issues caused by home systems

Every home has different home appliances and appliances that cause damage to the entire house or home where directly or indirectly, the problems caused by these systems are liable for repair by the protection of the warranty company. Some of the issues caused by the home systems are;

  • Power issues like power outage, shortages, and power surge.
  • Sewage disposal collides the walls of a home and also pollution of the entire environment.
  • Foundation damage due to piping issues leading to water slippage by the foundation walls of a home.
  • Molding of the house.

In conclusion, home protection plan covers are the best for first-time homeowners, for they guide them on the processes of maintaining a home at a lower cost. It needs adaptation by everyone who finds the process of repairs tedious. 

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