What Are The Common Causes Of Damp Roofing?


Roof dampness is one amongst the most frightening problems any homeowner has to deal with. It has an uncanny ability to spread in no time throughout the building & contribute to hefty repair bills. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the premiere causes of damp roofing, so scroll and check them out.

Water penetration is the main causes of roofing dampness

 The penetration of water into the roofing is the single biggest reason for roofing dampness.

But, why does it happen, this is further divided into three primary causes, listed below-

  • Shoddy Quality of Construction Material
  • Poor Design
  • Inexperienced Workmanship

Shoddy quality of construction material

Many of the roofing materials such as brick, plaster or concrete have some sort of interconnected void within them. When they get in contact with the water, the water makes space to penetrate into the voids and over time contribute to dampness. Further, the water moves via the capillary action and spreads the problem. This is why it is good to contact a damping proofing specialist for the regular inspection of the roofing, at least once in a year.

Poor design cannot be overlooked

The bad structuring of the roofing at the time of designing a roof is another aspect that causes the roof to get dampened over time.  So, at the time of laying out the roof, it is of great significance to discuss with your contractor how the rain will flow out and not clog on the roofing so that you cannot face the problem of damp roofing. This further penetrates through the building to your property.

Inexperienced workmanship

Inexperienced guys installation the roofing at your house is a major cause why you roof was unable to meet its projected life span. To understand this, let’s take an example, 15mm is the required thickness of the damp proof course, but owing to lack of experience they made it 10mm. So, now damp proof course won’t serve the purpose for which was being made and lead to dampness in the later on. This is why it is of paramount importance to find a trustworthy damp proofing specialist who is professionally trained and equipped with the right arsenal of tools & equipment to deliver exceptional services. Here, you can talk to your neighbours or others were known in the region to locate the best.

Other cause of roof dampness

Rain directly falling and storing on the roofing, it penetrates to your house, if the roofing is of poor quality.

If you come across any of the signs of damping, then it is of great importance to reach out to a damping expert in your town to analyse the problem and based on that recommend the right solution for unmatched quality.

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