How can you protect you hair from pollution


Our skin and hair are those parts of our body that remains exposed most of the time when we are out. And when it comes to pollution, as much as it affects the environment, it also affects our skin and hair to a great extent. So there are a lot of creams or lotions that often provides us with good amount of protection for our skin. Then what about our hair? It is often left with minimum or almost no protection. This makes it prone to damage when it is exposed to various pollution or environmental factors.

We are all obsessed with our hair and air pollution is really very harmful for it.So we all take certain preventive measures to protect our hair from smog and particulate matter.

Air pollution affecting our hair

We use creams and lotions to protect our skin. But how do we protect our hair? It remains unprotected and therefore, more prone to get damaged by air pollution that include soot, dirt, dust and gases. All these gather up to cause scalp irritation, dryness that is responsible for dandruff, breakage and loss of hair. Ketoconazole shampoo in India is really good and productive for hair as it effectively fights dandruff and other hair problems. If you must know for a fact that the serums, sprays, creams that are available in the market claim to protect your hair from the environmental factors often turn out to attract more dirt.

It is important to choose your products for hair carefully. After all, your mission is to protect your hair from damage and not cause more damage to it. Most of us often go product free while others use a product dutifully.

Never use products that have a sticky texture in order to achieve a style as it will attract more dirt that attaches to your hair and makes it look dirty. It almost acts like a magnet. On the other hand, if you are allergic to dust, then perhaps it will cause more damage such as premature greying of hair, hair loss, dandruff, breakage, split ends etc. Hair loss is more common in heavily polluted areas. Although ketoconazole shampoos in India are really helpful.

Protecting your hair

So, after all this, it becomes extremely necessary to take some preventive measures in order to protect your hair. Go ahead and do the following to save your hair from the pollution and have a healthy hair.

  1. A hat- Hats, not only is a part of fashion but it also helps in protecting your hair from pollution and harmful rays of the sun. It even shades and protects your face and eyes from the strong rays of the sun.
  2. Hydrate yourself- Keeping yourself is good for your skin and hair both. It reduces a lot of problems. Pollution will dry out you scalp which is why hydrating yourself is really necessary.
  3. Deep conditioning- Make it a routine to repair your damaged hair, keeping the scalp hydrated, and also keep it healthy and in check when you step out.
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