How to Make Your Old Tees Look New


Do you have an old tee that you love and you can’t seem to let go of it? Then don’t! If you think it is too old for you to wear then it is time that you get creative and make your plain old tee look all brand new.

You can find hen party t shirt online as the home of the best-customized shirts not only for giveaways, events, and popular demand but also as well as for personal use. Like you today. However, before finding the best design team to customize your tees, there are first a few reminders you need to take note of. Check this out below…

Your Guide to Tshirt Customization

Do you have your favorite killer shirt idea and suspect others will feel a similar way? It is safe to say that you are searching for a few ways in promoting your business, or making some side pay with merchandise? Would you like to celebrate an extraordinary occasion, similar to a family get-together or an unhitched female gathering?

Whatever your reasons are, the essentials of shirt customization continue as before. Basically, whatever you want to do with these shirts is on your matters, whether it gives you satisfaction or happiness.

With that said, here are the things you need to take consider prior to customizing your tees at hen party t shirt.

  1. Think of a Concept

Before creating a design for your tee, you have to make sure that you follow a certain concept or theme for it. For example, if you are customizing a tee for a certain fictional character you can create a design that basically involves anything about that character. If you also want to do a design for your school organization, best to include details and logo of that said organization.

  1. Keep it simple

As the saying goes, details are king but always keep it simple. The simpler it is the more it will become distinguishable. People don’t kind of enjoy messy disorganized designs if you are into modern trends, most graphic artists prefer minimalist designs but designs that hold big meaning to it. Attention to simple details after all.

  1. Choose the right colors

Always remember that the color combination, font colors and the hues of your design matches with the color of your shirt. More over, you need to make sure that you are using the tshirt color effectively and those that complement it.

  1. Source from a good printer

When you had everything in place, concept, design, and colors the next thing you need to do is to source it from a good printer. Not all printer prints the same quality so it is best that you do it from a printer for a good and high-quality output.

  1. Get a good printing service

Always make sure that you are with the best printing service provider like hen party t shirt. Getting a printing provider makes it  ideal especially if you want to preserve the quality of your shirt, to really make it look like brand new.

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