What should you look for in a smart phone: Looks or performance?


It is a million dollar question. You cannot give answer to this question easily. You know what different people have their different preferences. They can choose as per their convenience and ease. You too can make up your mind about what exactly you want or expect from your smart phone.

When you buy new android mobile, you should know what you want so that you can make a better choice. Anyhow, below you can have a quick idea about why both looks and performance are important for a smart phone to have.

Looks and style

No matter how good a phone is or how featured it might be, if it looks dumb and really boring; it might not give you the thrill. You might feel uncool holding that phone. Moreover, these days’ people do check out the looks of your phone too. The way you wear amazing clothes and accessories to look spectacular, you must pick a phone that looks great too. In this way such a phone would always add up charm and style in your life. You would feel great whenever you carry the phone with you. In the looks of the phone things that can matter are like:

  • Display screen: you should choose the display screen that is as per your need. You can check out the size of the screen and if the screen is without edges or with a thick frame on it. Again, these things do play a role in looks.
  • What is the colour of the phone? Of course, you have to be thoughtful about the colour of the phone too. There are so many stunningly elegant colours in phone that look sophisticated and really graceful. You would feel and look stylish once you have beautiful looking coloured phone in your hand.

The performance of your phone

Talking about performance it is the backbone of your phone. No matter how gorgeous and stylish your p [hone is, if the performance is not satisfying; all other things would stand null. Moreover, what if your phone is always stuck, hanged up? It would be uncool right? You would not want such a thing to happen! It gets really irritating and disturbing when you open your phone and find out that the applications are stuck or you are in a conversation and your phone goes blank for minutes. All these things come as a part of your phone performance.

  • Camera performance: you would not want you camera to get blurred or take so much of time to take a capture right?
  • Speed of the phone: what is the point if your phone is too slow to make a call or open an application?
  • Is the sound of the phone good?

So, the point is there are so many things that fall in the realm of performance that you cannot neglect it at all.


Thus, the bottom line is that when you buy android smartphone online you have to make sure that you strike a balance between the looks and the performance of the phone and then decide!

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