Preparing For The Bridal Airbrush Tan


What is the best way to ensure the bride looks glowing and full of life in her wedding photos? How about getting a bridal airbrush tan done? The bridal airbrush tan is a fantastic way to enhance the overall look of the bride before any photos or video footage is shot of the wedding and associated events. A tan helps provide contrast between the bride and her dress, which helps make her stand out in photos and in person. It also helps even out skin tone and makes her wedding makeup look even better up close. Before getting a bridal airbrush tan done, expectant brides should take some time to learn about what to expect from their tanning session and how to prepare. 

The bridal airbrush tan

Spray tans are a type of cosmetic procedure that alters the natural appearance of the skin, making them a perfect solution for brides who want to have a glowing look on their wedding day. Most airbrush tanning technicians recommend brides go with a natural, looking tan for their wedding day, which successfully enhances the skin tone of the bride in contrast against the color of her dress. If the bride already regularly tans, she should work with the tanning technician to determine what tan will best work for the wedding photos. 

In most cases, the bridal airbrush tan takes about 15 minutes to apply on the body, usually done in several sessions to achieve the desired tan tone. After the application of the bridal airbrush tan, it can take about two to eight hours for the tan to develop and set. For this reason, prospective brides should get the tan done before they engage in any other beauty related sessions for the wedding. Brides should also thoroughly exfoliate their skin before heading to their session; this ensures that the tan itself will look smooth and less streaky on the skin after it sets. 

Before the bridal airbrush session

Like with many wedding services, the bridal airbrush tan should be something that the bride does in advance. In fact, the tanning session should be booked at least two weeks before the wedding happens. Although it is not uncommon to have brides book their bridal airbrush just two or three days in advance, many airbrush tanning technicians suggest for brides to have the tan taken care of before anything else to do with the wedding styling. 

Expectant brides should begin searching for professional airbrush tanning salons months in advance. This gives them enough time to decide how they want to have their tan applied and who they want to handle the job. Early research and planning for a bridal airbrush also give the bride an opportunity to get a trial bridal tan, which helps the bride see how she looks with the tan before the big day. Brides should also look through the portfolio of their desired airbrush tanning technicians to see how the results look on brides with similar skin tones. This ensures that they have proof of what results they could get after undergoing a bridal airbrush session.   



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