Why Is The Carrier Bag An Important Part of The Shopping Experience?


Though the carrier bag has seen a huge amount of opposition in recent months there is no denying that it is an integral part of a business and is used by millions of people every year. But could they be a beneficial marketing tool for a business start-up? In this article, we are looking into why printed carrier bags for your business are an important part of the shopping experience and how a printed bag can help to combat the fight against plastic.

The 5p Tax

When looking at the impact of the 5p tax on carrier bags, it is important to note that the number of plastic bags sold has fallen by 86% since the introduction of the tax. This, therefore, means that marketing alternatives such as printed carrier bags for your business are the perfect way to market a bag for life alternative to the traditional 5p bag. By adding design and clear branding you are likely to see people purchasing the bag for life and using it repeatedly.

Carrying Items

By making a bag for life, you are also giving the customers a thicker bag that is much more likely to hold all their items. By making the bags from a much more durable material you will see people opting for a 15p bag that will last much longer than a traditional bag. This is ideal for a business as the branding is then on full display whenever the bag is used. If the bag that is created is stylish, this then encourages others to purchase the bag making it a beneficial marketing technique for the business.

Positive Or Negative Experience

In addition to it being a marketing benefit, a strong sturdy bag is likely to encourage customers to come back. This is because the use of a thin plastic can lead to plastic breaking under the pressure. This negative experience then has the potential to deter business for those that rely on stable packaging as it can be considered cheap as a result. By focusing on the quality, you can then counteract this and ensure that the customer has a positive experience up until they have the shopping back at home and unpacked. If the bag is strong, this can also be used multiple times making it worthwhile for the customer.

Battle Against Plastic

If the bag that you make is made from the canvas you are much more likely to have a higher success rate in the war against plastic as people will opt to pay the money if they need a bag. By having a no plastic policy in the store, you are giving the customer no option but to opt for an alternative of either a paper bag or a bag for life. This, therefore, helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the company as well as helping to market your brand to the public.

Regardless of whether you are looking to make the switch to personalised bags or you are looking to implement a bag for life program, a personalised bag is a perfect way to capture the attention of the customer and market your business in the process.

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