Women’s Guide to Wearing Heart Pendants & Necklaces


Women jewelry never fails to impress, especially when we are talking about lovely heart pendants and necklaces. But even though there’s a plethora of variety in stylish and charming heart jewelry out there, do you know when and how to style it according to the purpose?

In this post, we will guide you on when and how to wear women’s heart necklace. Let’s get started:

When Should You Wear a Heart Necklace?

When it is fitting to wear heart jewelry is truly up to the design of the pendant or necklace. How can it fit into your overall look is defined by the shape, size, and style. Are you more into bigger pendants or you prefer small charms? Before we get into explicit necklace options, here are two basic guidelines to remember for wearing your favorite heart pendant:

No Hearts to Work

Hearts are sentimental and sweet images. That is actually how individuals read a woman wearing heart jewelry, regardless of whether it is just subliminally. Presently, as women, we have made considerable progress in the working environment. In any case, you have sooner or later felt somewhat less amazing than your male colleagues. Wearing a heart necklace or pendant won’t help you with building up your essence at work.

Spare the hearts for easygoing occasions or for special events that are not identified with work. We have to keep our capacity suit busy working, metaphorically. You can view different posts for additional tips on the best methods to style different jewelry for the office. 

Be Careful with the Colors and Style of Clothing

The dress and hues you decide to wear with your heart jewelry will significantly affect your overall look. We don’t suggest wearing girly hues and attire with women’s heart necklaces. There is a huge difference between girly and women jewelry. Women outfits are as yet composed and free while girly dresses are all about the maiden in trouble. 

Maintain a strategic distance from frilly dresses, crop tops, and rompers when wearing heart jewelry. Skip bold hues like pink, violet or baby blue, also. Likewise, when you like to wear designs, go for patterns cautiously. Numerous floral designs, or animal prints like flamingos and stripes, don’t go well with hearts. 

How to Style Large Heart Pendant vs Little Heart Pendant

Besides the design of your heart pendant, the size likewise impacts what attire it looks great with. The key is to give the pendant the background it needs. Bigger pieces of jewelry work better with lower neck areas while smaller pendants and chains go well with higher necklines. 

In case the necklace has a huge heart pendant, you should keep the top progressively exposed and monochromatic. A big pendant needs to be the point of convergence so a busy top with multiple colors can swarm the jewelry. Take a look at wearing a V-neck top or wear an off-shoulder top while carrying big heart pendants. 

On the contrary, smaller heart pendants look beautiful with a plain background like a strappy top. In case you need to wear design with the heart pendant, pick subtle patterns like stripes. Layer the accessory to add a surface. This makes the necklace stand apart more against a busier background.

So these are some useful tips about wearing women’s heart necklaces and pendants with different articles of clothing for different purposes. All you need to do is browse online stores that offer cute and classic heart pendants and jewelry for women at affordable rates. Check out various styles to find your ideal piece of heart jewelry and rock every day look like a true lady!

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