3 Things That a Mechanic Will Check When Getting Your Car Ready For Its MOT.


Keeping a car on the road in the UK can prove to be an expensive prospect. Before you even take it out of the drive, it has to have tax, insurance and if it is older than 3 years old, then you also need an MOT certificate. The MOT certificate denotes if the car is roadworthy or not and the UK land and transport department is very strict when it comes to this test. You can fail for very minor things, so it is best to get the experts to give your car the once over and assess if there is anything that needs attention. There are a number of garages throughout the UK that can perform this service.

For example, you can get a cheap MOT in Bearsden, but the quality of the work is still high. When your car is due for its MOT, your local mechanic will look at the following things.

  1. The brakes and the tyres are a very important aspect of the car and these must be functionalat all times. Your mechanic will check the brake shoes and pads and also the brake lines for rust. If anything needs to be replaced, then he will do it.
  2. The emissions test is now a standard part of the MOT test and your car will not pass if it is belching out smoke. Your mechanic will change the oil and filter and also fine tune your engine.
  3. Everything needs to work like the lights, indicators and even the window washer. If any of these or other small things like a light in the dash not working, your car will fail the test. Your mechanic will be very thorough.

The MOT test is essential if your car is to be allowed on the road and without it, your insurance and remaining tax is invalid.






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