The Future of Smart Parking Explained


It is challenging to get a perfect parking spot every single time you go out to your work or get back home, especially if your job does not have private lots and you live in an apartment without a garage.

One of the biggest reasons why we’re getting late to work, to the commitment we have as well as the business meeting is due to the inability to leave our vehicles to a safe place.

Even if you areearly, just because you know that finding a lot is not that simple, you will need approximately 20 minutes to find a perfect place to leave your car.

According to statistics, this particular process of cruising and search spend millions of oil barrels daily.

We are in need for valet parking regulations that may allow us to improve the convenience of doing it and increase the chances of reducing time spent commuting.

Some specific ways and technology changes will help you reduce the expenses, and it will improve the fuel and energy crisis, which is affecting both environments and our pockets. Everything will happen due to IoT technology, which is efficient along the way.

Problems That Affect Parking Industry Nowadays

When it comes to leaving your car at the empty lot, you should have in mind that the main problem that happens along the way is insufficient space in overly populated areas and major cities.

Apart from that, the inefficiency of the system is creating havoc on the streets, which affects overall productivity, leads people to get late to work, and creates problems inthe general economy. Since we tend to struggle in finding empty lots, we have plenty of loss time along the way.

At the same time, when you get back, you may get confused where you left your vehicle, due to a large number of cars that are surrounding you.

Traffic problems are common in major cities,primarily due to poorly designed spaces that make people park and walk for miles to reach their homes and work.To understand more on automated parking, you should check here.

Finally, these issues are wasting plenty of resources and fuel due to lousy commuting, which leads to environmental problems and disasters.

What Are Smart Parking Solutions?

Since things around us are becoming smarter as time goes by, most companies nowadays are trying to create innovation by implementing smart parking solution within the idea.

We have mentioned above what are issues that are currently happening with this particular industry, so innovation is mandatory so that people can get more convenient ways to handle things around them.

These parking solutions are the first step cities have to make to lead this particular industry in the right direction. That is the main reason why major cities across the world are implementing them as a way of reducing problems that are already happening.

We are talking about IoT based devices that will provide you real-time signal as soon as the closest parking lot gets open so that you can navigate through the crowd and reach it as quickly as possible.

These devices will be fixed on each slot and will send a signal to a receiver so that you can get a live update on what is going on around you. You can easily access this data by using Smartphone and guidance system implemented within your vehicle.

Apart from relevant location, which is closest to you, drivers will get information that will help them narrow the search such as the size of parking space, public transportation information as well as other suggestions.

The days of cruising around and roaming so that you can find the empty lot will become the thing of the past because you have to use a mobile device, open an app and you will get all relevant information in a matter of seconds.

Enter this site: and you will understand what is IoT.

Advantages of Smart Parking Solutions

  • Corporate – If you have a firm, you will lose plenty of money due to incapable parking system, because your employees will start getting late due to inability to find a close space. As soon as the future arrives, your employees will be able to check the number of available parking slots so that they can avoid getting late and affecting the overall productivity of the economy they are working.
  • Private – In case someone parks at your office or home parking spot, you will get a quick update that will allow you to avoid this particular problem. Since garage doors will feature IoT as well, you will be able to close and open them from the remote location wherever you are.
  • Public – The main reason for the implementation of the latest technologies inside this particular industry is due to public solutions, that it is challenging to reach the empty spot promptly. Therefore, you will be able to set online parking space rental services next to stadiums, museums and other areas that are popular so that you can start a business with a robust model that will stand the test of time and competitiveness.
  • Rental – In case that you have a space in a prime location inside the city you live in, you will be able to start space rental startup and implement parking solutions that will help you control the process and get relevant data in real-time.

What Will Future Bring?

Have in mind that shortly, the technology will personalize the system so that you can enjoy all the way.

Nowadays, numerous towns and city systems have started to implement ways that will allow them to tailor solutions based on their specific needs and requirements by following city’s people and infrastructure as well as current needs by residents.

For example, Dubai implemented portable parking structures so that everyone could park without using too much area for it. By adding smart meters, for instance, you do not have to come back so that you can repay in case you wish to stay parked without getting a ticket.

You can easily add extra time by using the mobile device from a native app, and that will allow you to reduce spent time and increase overall productivity.

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