Begin Your Journey To Oil Painting


Have you heard about oil painting? Today can be a perfect time to begin a good journey about the intriguing art. Oil painting is believed to be originated from Afghanistan. During the time it was first created, it was not for art purposes. But, the artisans come up with the idea of what an oil painting possessed. The form of painting traveled from Afghanistan to central Europe, which is the art capital of the world. This form of painting has records of European artisans during the 15th century. The form came into its own at the renaissance and post-renaissance periods in English Mainland and Europe. Right until oil painting has spread all around the world. Many countries have accepted this form of painting and many have enjoyed it.

The best artwork of oil paintings

Tasmanian art is a kind of oil painting that expresses the use of oil. The pigments used are mixed with oil. Usually, the oil used is Linseed Oil. By mixing dry pigments in oil, it can bring out a unique and different version of the color. Using different oils from different seeds produced unique gloss intensities. The finish varies depending on the kind of oil used for mixing the pigments. Oil-pigment mixture will be used to paint on canvas. The oil paintings are considered canvas art. It refers to a canvass as a base. The mixture of oil pigment is done to retain and sustain the effect and color.

How oil painting is done?

Oil painting can be difficult if you don’t know the basics. Beginners will find it uneasy to do, and it needs to have a practice. Beginners must know that oil painting is not done on the canvas directly. The scenery or design that you plan to paint must be sketched first on the canvas using a pencil. However, most of the professionals use charcoal-based drawing. After sketching, the oil mixed pigments are used to color the sketch, which is done or applied slowly.

Tip: oil-based pigments takes time to dry

Now, the process must be done slowly or one-by-one. Most artisans hasten the process by mixing an amount of turpentine into the mixture. Turpentine dries quickly, so it will help the oil paints to dry faster as well. It rarely happens to an artist to manage painting the entire picture in just one coating. They decide on applying a second coating to make the entire picture more invigorating. Each layer of oil paints must have a higher content of the oil as it helps to quickly dry the artwork. Patience is a requirement for an artist because oil paints are given to be heavy because of the thick oil base. The process of oxidation happens in an oil painting for the drying effect. Thus, dying the oil paintings is indeed a real skill.

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