How the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic


A little about the coronavirus

The world is going through a very difficult time right now as it is busy fighting a pandemic situation. This pandemic started from china at the end of last year and in a very short period reached many other parts of the planet. But how did it reached different parts of the world in such a short time? The coronavirus is a new kind of virus and the scientist, doctors, biologist, etc. doesn’t know much about it. Little the world knew about its contagiousness. It can be transmitted to anyone how to get in touch with the infected surface. It can be anything that the infected person has touched. It can easily pass through coughing and sneezing of an infected person to the people nearby him or her at that time. This is how the number of its carrier multiplied daily.

Another very important factor that played an important role in the quick transmission of this virus is that the different parts of the world are closely connected these days. Millions of people travel internationally in a span of a day. One infected person that reached other parts of the world infected hundreds of others in ignorance. This is how it took such a little while to reach every far corner of the word.

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How it is different from previous pandemics?

Our world has faced many pandemics in the past. These pandemics has claimed many lives and has affected the lives of millions living on the planet. Some of these pandemics are the Spanish flu, malaria, plague, etc. let’s see how these pandemics are different from the current coronavirus pandemic

  • In older times it was very difficult to travel from one place to another. This is why in the part where the pandemic started people were affected the most but the rest of the world remained quite safe from its effect. Whereas, in the current pandemic situation every part of the world is affected by its effects.
  • A plus of the modern age is that we have advanced and most sophisticated medical systems present which makes it easy to fight with a pandemic. And also, to treat the affected patient more effectively. These medical facilities were not present in the previous pandemic situation and due to that, the world faced more difficulties.

How is the world fighting the current pandemic situation on different fronts?

The current pandemic, coronavirus, has caused many problems for the people living on this planet. It has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and has affected the health of millions of people. Nut its adversities are not just limited to the health of people. It has also affected every other chapter of life. In the next section of this blog, we will see how the coronavirus is affecting the life of the people and how the world is fighting it:


The most direct and severe effect of the coronavirus pandemic is on the health of the people. No one is safe. Everyone has a fear of getting infected and many are already suffering from the virus. Many unfortunate ones have also lost their lives due to this virus. But the medical systems on this planet are working on their best possible to be able to fight with this virus with whatever resources they have. Doctors and paramedic staff in hospitals and medical centers are playing the role of heroes by working without caring but their health and safety. Their contribution to the current crisis is highly appreciated by everyone.


As a prevention from further spreading of the virus, almost all the educational institutions around the world have been closed. Many students are bearing the loss of educational activities whether they are in schools, colleges, or universities. But the modern technology of this era has allowed the students to continue their educational activities through online classes and training. Many students are connected with their institutions and teachers online. And this is how educational activities are still going on even in the current pandemic situation.

Social activities:

People all over the world are advised to stay at home and practice social distancing. This is why people are unable to meet their friends and family. Also, other recreational activities are limited these days as parks, tourist sites, public places, etc. are closed. This is creating a lot of depression and anxiety among people. Also, families are unable to reunite due to border closures. In this difficult time, teleconferencing and the modern mode of communications are keeping people connected.


Businesses and other cooperate activities are also highly impacted because of coronavirus. But to some extent business activities are kept on going through information technology means. People can work from home, many businesses are operating and reaching their audience or clientage through their website. Online shopping is also a blessing in the days like these when people are unable to go out freely

These were some ways through which the world is fighting the current pandemic. We hope that these problems will be resolved soon and the world will get out of this situation stronger.

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