Capture Baby’s Uniqueness: Hand And Foot Prints


To acknowledge the baby’s birth through recording the baby’s footprint is a very special way. A photo of a baby’s footprint captured is a unique keepsake. This is a unique souvenir of your baby which can be used for future celebration material. Are you struggling with what to come up with a unique idea for a baby shower gift? This will be a big challenge for a new parent. A new parent is expected to be looking for the best way to save or document the earliest days. It can be a video or a photograph but footprints of the baby can be a unique one. Baby footprints framed can be a perfect display or for a baby shower gift idea.

Latest and non-toxic footprint capturing

An inkless baby footprint kit allows a parent to capture the actual baby’s foot impression. The kit has a safe ink labeled with non-toxic to babies. It can be framed and displayed as an adorable photo. It is a footprint kit used to stamp the baby’s footprint. In the current year, this kind of baby kit offers a fun new style of molding the baby’s footprint than simply stamping. The latest stamping style makes use of a baby-safe ink. The baby’s foot will be used as a stamp to make an impression. After the ink dries, the stamp footprint image can be framed. Also, it can be printed to be used as stickers for baby shower souvenirs. Plus, it can be framed for display and a lovely keepsake.

Baby footprint themed ideas

Organizing a creative and unique party theme for a baby party is easy. Either it is a baby’s first birthday or a baby shower, baby footprint theme is a perfect idea. You can go through scrapbooking as a great way to find an idea. If you have created a baby scrapbook, then you must have a baby footprint stamp. The stamp creates a unique and beautiful party theme. There are several ways to use a baby footprint to create a party theme. You may check the following:

  • Streamers. Making a plain streamer with a baby footprint-inspired theme is unique. You can use light-colored streamer with the stamp as a design. It must be complemented with a light color that is closed to the color of the footprint to make it look friendly in the eyes.
  • Invitations. A party with an invitation has become a common idea. But if it is themed with a baby footprint, then it makes unique. This way, you are giving an idea that it will be for a baby party. Either you put a footprint stamp of your baby at the front or back of the envelope. Also, you can stamp the footprint of your baby on the invitation card.
  • Giveaways. A party that has giveaways make it more meaningful. The giveaways will be baby footprint-themed by stamping the footprint of your baby on the giveaways. For example, if you have a mug as giveaways, the footprints can be printed on the mug.

The inkless baby footprint kit is a must-have of a parent designed for their adorable babies.

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