You are dating somebody that suffers from anxiety and depression. How can you help?


Sadly, there are many partners who are suffering from anxiety and depression. It might end up taking a toll on the relationship and might prove to be problematic to both the partners. Despite the efforts of both the partners, they might not be able to work it out and it is equally hard for both. When you know that your partner is suffering from anxiety and depression, you can act on it. We bring to you a list of tips to follow:

Understand them and accept them

To start with, you will have to make them feel comfortable and accept them the way they are. Most of the partners do not understand what depression or anxiety is all about and hence, the first step lies in acknowledging that your partner is suffering from anxiety and depression. You will have to make your partner feel comfortable around you.

Keep your anger under check

People who are depressed will have constant mood swings. Among people suffering from anxiety, panic and stress levels are high. When you get angry on them, it will not do any good to either of you. Do not get angry and try your best to understand what they are going through.

Observe them closely

Depressed and anxious people generally follow a pattern. There might be certain situations that trigger their mood swings and hence, you will have to look out for these signs every time you think your partner loses their cool. Sometimes, it might be an external factor and not necessarily something that you would be responsible for.

Do not compare situations

When you try quoting any situation you had gone through and what you had done about it, there will not be much use of it. Instead, listen to them and help them to arrive at a decision rather than imposing your thoughts on them.

Do not let them push you away

When someone is depressed, they will try to push their closed ones away as they will want to deal with it themselves. It will not be of much help and they will only be going down the spiral. Do not let them go for any reason and stick to them at all times.

Understand that they are tired

When they have a bad day, all that they would want to do is lie on the couch or watch something. Do not interfere with what they want to do and let them be themselves as it helps them better.

Do not play tough

Do not give them any ultimatums or threaten them with anything. It only worsens the situation and might send them on a guilt trip, which will hurt both of you.

They are sensitive, not weak

Fights are a part of all relationships. No matter how much you fight, you need to understand that at the end of the day, you would need each other and keep the love growing!

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