Check out 5 Video Downloaders for Android


Present era is the age of technology and people who love to learn new things can take benefit of the same easily. There are ample videos available in the market which can help one get the best of the skills as per own views. Therefore many users prefer to have the videos downloaded on the device but the platforms of such videos do not allow the same and that is why they have to use an app that can pull the video.

If one goes for vidmate install, it can help him get the video easily. However, there are many such apps available these days. Here are a few of the known apps mentioned.

  • Vidmate: This is a famous app that is used by the users worldwide. It has exceptional features of pulling videos and save them in specific folder. One can go for vidmate install from the site 9apps and start using it in a few seconds after pulling the same. It has small size and hence one can easily use it on the device. The app also has option of settings with the help of which the quality of the video can be changed and improved.
  • All In One video download:It is an app much popular for its quality. One can easily download the app from the play store as well as third party platforms. The user needs to have the link of the video first and paste it in the given bar. Once the link is pasted one needs to press the button to download and in a few seconds the video is pulled to the device.
  • Free video:With the help of this app also one can get the desired video from any platform easily. It also has effective performance that can help the user to get the required video easily. The app also has various options for quality settings that can help the user have better video quality. The user can pull any video from any platform with the help of this app if he has right link of the video.
  • Vidlive:It is another beautiful app that can be used by the users who want to have some videos from concerned platform to their device. This tiny app can offer excellent performance when it wants to pull the video with the help of the link provided. Its dashboard is considered as the most user friendly one.
  • Vmate: In this category, this is another app to be considered. One can download it from any of the platforms as it is mostly available on every platform. After downloading it, one can start using it in a few seconds. The app also has features of auto save of video and quality enhancement for the videos that are pulled from different platforms.

These are some of the best apps that are loved by the users across the market. Each of the app has own unique features which make it a special one in the category.

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