How Tire Rotation Prolongs Tire Life


What can be more distressing than a sudden flat tire in the middle of the road? But things can make you feel even worse if you know that it was a premature death of your tire, as you have replaced it just a few months back. Tires are quite expensive an investment, especially if you prefer the branded ones that assure you of longer life and better performance. So, who is it to blame, if they do not last as long as they should? Well, not to discourage you, but only to tell you the truth, that it is the lack of maintenance that has caused you this sudden loss. So, what would have happened otherwise, if you have taken good care of your car tires? Would they have lasted longer? And above all, what is actually meant when we say maintaining your car tires well?

The best answer we could gather this pertinent car care question was from the team of mechanics who serve at the Chevrolet tire rotation service near Apple Valley. According to them, apart from maintaining the right air pressure in your car tires, rotating the tires is also one of the most crucial components of your car maintenance, that work as a preventive medicine to the tires, giving them long years to live and run. They further added that regular sessions of tire rotation not only ensure the longevity of the tires but also plays a vital role in keeping the performance meter up while making all the driving inputs easier and more responsive.

The Necessity of Tire Rotation

Apart from the commonsense approach that the act of tire rotation will keep all the tire movements smooth, it is also a fact that by rotating the tires in regular intervals will reduce the tread wear and hence prolong the life of its tread. By regularly changing the position of a tire, the mechanics will find it easier to notice all the unseen parts and can diagnose the signs of any abnormal wear patterns in time.

How Often to Rotate the Tires

If you wonder how often should the tire rotation take place, then the experts of the Apple Valley Chevrolet tire rotation service centre would suggest you follow the recommendation mentioned in your owner’s manual, as only the manufacturer will know the best about the composition and quality of tires your car pairs with.

According to them as tire pressure needs to be maintained on a regular basis, so is the necessity to adjust the tires with new positions.

But on average the experts would suggest a session of rotation after crossing every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, or at the time of oil change.

The experts once again emphasized on making the owner’s manual your Bible, as according to the latest advancements, vehicles are given different-sized tires to be mounted for the front and the rear axles. Some also come with directional tires that are meant to roll only in one direction. So, it is only the owner’s manual that can say, what interval is best for the tire rotation.

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