Wet Dog Food for Your Best Friend: The Health Benefits of Forgoing Dry Kibbles


Is your pooch bored of the same dry kibbles? Are your puppies asking for something more palatable? 

Well, if you are giving them the same food for months, it’s not entirely their fault. Dogs, even the senior dogs, can throw a tantrum from time to time if you don’t introduce a new flavour in their meal.

If your dog is eating a unique formula dry food, then introducing new flavours can be really challenging and even risky. Instead of switching to a new brand or formula, you can think about opting for the wet food version of the same dry food.

Does your pooch need wet dog food? 

The best wet dog food is perfect for picky eaters and those with dental problems. The easy to munch soft formula with high water content is typically well-suited for larger dogs with chronic kidney disease (CDK) and those on a hepatic diet.

Unlike dry food, which absorbs considerable water from the gut and leads to thickening of the blood, wet food provides a consistent source of hydration. Therefore, animals with CDK and hepatic issues typically respond better to treatment when you give them a specialized wet diet.

The premium wet dog food contains a high percentage of protein (up to 48%, if not more), a low quantity of carbohydrates (around 28 to 30%), healthy and essential fatty acids (about 20%), and steady sources of vitamins and minerals.

Why do all dogs love wet dog food? 

The best brands that make wet food for dogs make sure to introduce variety in flavours and ingredients. You can find wet dog food containing chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, tuna, cod, whitefish, and liver as the primary protein sources. The main sources of carbohydrates can include carrots, sweet potato, green bean, spinach, and pea. If you check the label of a wet food can for dogs, you will always find the mention of added vitamins and minerals.

How to pick the right type of wet dog food? 

Always choose the type of wet food depending upon your pooch’s sensitivities and food allergies. Choosing canned or packaged wet food over homemade gravy food gives you the control over how much calories your fur baby is consuming per serving and exactly what ingredients they are eating every day. 

When shopping for the best-wet dog food, you can always filter out options depending upon the specific ingredients you want to exclude. You can pick wet food that has no soy or grain-free wet food that has potatoes, peas, and meat, but no buckwheat, oat, or rice.

How can switching to wet dog food help you? 

Following a prescription diet is much more comfortable for your pooch if you switch out your dog’s homemade meals for canned food, one small quantity at a time. Believe it or not, giving formulated wet food to your dog will save your time, energy, and money. It can cost lesser than preparing food for your dog at home each day or giving him fresh raw food.

Thinking about changing your dog’s food? Always opt for the best-wet food available in your area after a consultation with your vet!

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