Different Interesting Types of Country Dances


Dance can be very beneficial for the health of the mind as well as the body. These can be very healthy and beneficial for fitness as they help the body to keep moving. This movement can be considered as an exercise or the activities needed by a fit body. Exercises can be boring but dances are interesting. Dances can be very attractive and one can want to perform such moves with interest. So, dancing is like an exercise in which people usually take an interest. People usually look for some good places to learn the dance-like “country dance lessons near me” is what they look for. They can also look for the types of dances which can be good for them according to their interests.

These are the types of some amazing country dances.

  • West coast swing dance
  • Waltz country dance
  • Two-step country dance
  • Samba
  • East coast swing country dance
  • Rumba
  • Cha Cha country dance
  • Polka country dance

Let’s get into some proper details of these types.

West Coast Swing Dance Type

Country West Coast Swing is a moderate-paced dance with a nice form of music. West Coast Swing generally uses all sorts of music from Country to Blues etc. It is a very interpretative dance so one can get to learn dances to a range of music styles. One can also have variant fun adapting to the various genres of music that may be used. Although, Country West Coast Swing is that the same as general West Coast Swing, the only difference is simply the music stays Country. One can use this dance at Country in addition to dancing hall and West Coast Dances.

Waltz Country Dance

This is one of the most elegant dances of the Country dances. It is very similar to the dance hall Waltz as it moves around the floor with style. It also has got a style along with each different pattern at a time.  Interestingly, folk music is usually used in this dance and it’s simple to be told that one can get fun! Since this dance is the same as in dance hall, a person can be able to dance this at Country and dance hall events.

Two-Step Country Dance

This is the type of country dance which has heaps of amusing dancing. It consists of the Two-Step to super upbeat pace Country music. Two-Step is filled with amusement as a person starts to flow across the dance floor. One can learn this dance by looking for country dance lessons near me, select this style of dance, and can perform this dance everywhere they play Country music.

East Coast Swing Country Dance

This type of dance is very energetic and funny as well. There are such a lot of fantastic Country East Coast Swing songs, a person may simply need to rise and start to dance on them.

Cha Cha Country Dance

Cha Cha country dance has all of a laugh of Ballroom. A person could have plenty of a laugh taking part in this upbeat Latin dance to Country song. He will use this dance each at Country and Ballroom events, simply the kind of song can be different.

Polka Dance Type

Polka is a very fast Country dance. It works with all speed and is filled with lively actions along with the excessive power song! This dance is specially used at competitions however every so often can be determined at Country dances.


The popularity of this Cuban dance got here from its awareness of the sensual hip moves of dance partners. Since the date of its introduction, many styles of Rumba have been created, maximum significantly Flamenco Rumba, Catalan Rumba, Cuban Rumba, and African Rumba.


Samba is a well-known dance and musical style that originated shape the coast of Africa and the land of Brazil.  Samba’s infectious and inspiring rhythm is appeared and liked because of the country-wide dance of Brazil, and its well-known Brazilian Carnival gathers hundreds of thousands of Samba dance fanatics each year.

Therefore, there are many types of dances that one can turn to. The person who is willing to learn such dances should look for a place that provides amazing techniques and tips to learn them, like just danze houston and other authentic sources.

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