Major Luxury Componentsof the 2021 Genesis G80 Sedans


G80 is a renowned model name, in the segment of premium luxury sedans, that wears a Genesis logo. Luxury car lovers across the world appreciated this series of luxury models, basically for simplifying the concept of luxury cars and easing out the drive train from the shoulders of the ones who take the seat behind the wheels. 

At the Philadelphia luxury genesis dealership we got the opportunity to take a closer look at the 2021 Genesis G80 models. The entire series display beautifully crafted sedans that have imbibed fastback style intrinsically. It gave the 2021 Genesis G80 models a modern look and a purposeful attitude.

Smart Layout

The new 2021 model year edition of the Genesis G80 models now are being sold in the market in only two trims. But each of them comes lavishly designed while their interiors come decorated in a nerve soothing layout which feels apt for creating that cozy and pleasant atmosphere. 

The base versions are overloaded with features of comfort while the higher trims will obviously make the list of features step up with the higher quality of materials and of course greater number of features, in every respect. The body structure of every 2021 Genesis G80 spreads longer than many of its strongest rivals, giving an extra space to haul the passengers while leaving more space for the cargo at the trunk.

All the cabins of the 2021 Genesis G80 model series stretch about 196.7 in length with a wheelbase of 118.5-inch. That is something unique to be found in sedans since the measurement provides the riders of the 2021 Genesis G80 models with a better ride height and good enough space to every individual occupant. 

Luxury Elements

The 2021 Genesis G80 models stand ahead of many other luxury brand sedans, because of its features offered as standard on all trims. Board any base trim of 2021 Genesis G80 sedans, and you will be welcomed heartily into its lavishly laid out cabin that comes upholstered in soft synthetic leather. The seats can be adjusted in 12-ways to ensure you are comfortable all through the journey with the right posterior, irrespective of your physical stature. 

If you step up to the higher trims of the 2021 Genesis G80 model series, you are most likely to be pleasantly surprised with their sports car styling. Inside, you feel the warmth of a posh interior that wraps you up in rich Nappa leather upholstery. The front-seat passengers get an extendable leg rest and the advantages of power switches for controlling the air conditioning and infotainment system while the thewell-cushioned side bolsters with heating and cooling features make the inside atmosphere comfortable in all seasons. 

We took our long-awaited test drive with the 2021 Genesis G80 model at our neighboring Philadelphia luxury car dealership. Our ride experience with the 2021 G80 model left a strong impression where we once more felt the genuine intentions of the capable automaker that parted its ways from its parent concern Hyundai to focus only on in-car luxuries.

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