How to Use a Traditional Sauna? Tips from Experts


Sauna baths are a safe and holistic way to eliminate stress and toxins from the body. Gone are the days when men and women had to take expensive memberships at salons for regular sauna baths. People can now install saunas in their homes and enjoy their benefits at affordable rates. These sauna baths can be set up in any part of the home, and there are both modern and traditional sauna baths available for homeowners.

How to use a traditional sauna for health?

Most people do not know how to use a traditional sauna for health. Experts in the sauna bath say you should take a shower before going into the sauna. When you go inside the sauna room, enter it quickly. Some sauna baths are air-tight so that the heat of the room remains locked inside. If you do not enter or exit the sauna room quickly, the heat from the room will escape.

Wear a towel when you enter the room. Do not sit on the sauna bench directly; you may sit on the bench with your towel. In case the temperature is too hot for you to bear, you may adjust the settings on the thermostat. In case you are using a gym sauna where others are present, take the consensus of the group and adjust the heat as per your preferences. While sitting in the sauna, do not brush your hair or shave. Relax and allow the heat to eliminate all the toxins from your body gradually.

Safety tips for using the sauna bath

The following are some safety tips for you to use the sauna-

  • Though saunas are beneficial for health, not everyone derives benefits from a sauna bath. In case you suffer from high blood pressure, abnormal heart issues, diabetes, or any other health condition, you should limit the sauna bath for 5 minutes only.

  • If you are pregnant, check with your doctor whether you should take a traditional sauna bath or not.

  • If you take medications that interfere with the temperature of the body, you should not take sauna baths.

  • If you are not feeling well or are ill, do not take a sauna bath.

  • Drink a glass of water before you enter the sauna bath to keep dehydration at bay.

  • Never drink alcohol before or after sauna baths.

  • Never eat large meals before you enter the sauna baths.

  • When you are inside a sauna bath, never fall asleep. If you feel drowsy, walk out immediately.

These are simple safety tips that teach you how to use a traditional sauna without hassles. When you use a sauna, do not sit inside it for more than 15 minutes. Once out, allow your body to return to a normal temperature before pursuing other activities like heavy chores. Saunas are an effective way to de-stress and avoid toxins to accumulate in the body. They are effective for pain management, especially after gym workouts too. They can do wonders to your health when used safely and correctly.

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