Top Five Mexican Restaurants in Lansing mi


Mexican Restaurants provide customers an exciting eating experience offering wide variety of Mexican cuisines prepared using fresh ingredients and authentic spices. Moreover, sides served along with the main dish like cheese dip and secret hot sauce improves the overall flavor of cuisine.

Top Mexican Restaurants Lansing mi are:

  1. Al Azteco:

The restaurant is famous for its Mexican delights prepared using freshly sourced ingredients and spices. Chef hired at the restaurant prepared food using authentic style of cooking. Food is prepared from scratch and served hot to the customers. Tacos and enchiladas served at the restaurant have great flavor and are exquisite in taste. Food and drink selections are great. Customers must try its cheesy dip served along with Chilli burritos. Moreover, the restaurant has its own rooftop garden which attracts locals and tourists from far off places and different parts of the town. Customers looking for a laid back Mexican Restaurant which serves best Mexican dishes and has great customer service must visit Al Azteco.

  1. Pablo’s old town Mexican Restaurant: 

Pablo’s old town Mexican Restaurant is an informal Mexican styled restaurant serving unique Mexican cuisines at reasonable and competitive prices. Portion sizes are great and sufficient enough for satisfying the customers. The restaurant offers amazing breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options served by using professional presentation skills. Dishes have great blend of flavor, taste and aroma received from authentic spices and ingredients. Interiors are simple but appealing. Staff is friendly and courteous towards customers. The restaurant also has its own outdoor sitting arrangement.

  1. Alicia’s Authentic Mexican Deli and catering:

The dishes served at the restaurant remind one of real authentic Mexican culture and flavor as in Texas. One can order any type of Mexican staple dishes like tacos, burritos, nachos, tamales and enchiladas. Staff is friendly and professional equipped to help the customers by proving correct recommendations according to customer needs. Shredded roast beef enchiladas are the best Mexican delight served at the restaurant. Food is served hot and fresh by the servers. Customers have high praises for its home styled cooking methods and recipes.

  1. Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant:

Customers looking for a casual eatery serving authentic Mexican Dishes and cuisines must surely visit Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant has an extensive menu offering great Mexican food selections including tacos, burritos and enchiladas served along with tasty drinks like margaritas. Portion sizes are generous and sufficient according to the price levels of the dishes ordered. Staff, chef and owner are efficient and possess the necessary knowledge to operate a successful restaurant like Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant. Customers recommend trying its breakfast burritos served with secret hot sauce.

  1. El Oasis:

The restaurant serves the best and most authentic Mexican cuisines to its customers like seasoned pork, salsa, tacos, chowder, burritos, quesadillas, Tortas, sopes and rice with beans etc. Food is offered through window based system of serving dishes. The restaurant has a homely atmosphere and a welcoming vibe which improves the whole eating experience. The restaurant also provided open house, catering services for wedding and other facilities which attract thousands of customers from far off places. One can enjoy their favorite Mexican dishes at the outdoor sitting arrangement consisting picnic tables decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers.

These are the best award-winning Mexican Restaurants in Lansing which one must surly visit.

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