The Best Massage in Thailand


While you’re on vacation or traveling in Thailand, you absolutely have to have a Thai spa experience because, if you select a top spa, there truly isn’t anything else like it. So, the choice to seek a spa getaway while in Thailand is easy, but what might not be so easy is finding and selecting the best spa out there. Don’t worry! Use the following advice to lead you to the most incredible massage you’ve ever had.

Treatments and Services Available

Of course, the most important factor in selecting a spa is what services and treatments they offer. Standard services, like the ever-popular Thai massage, are an obvious must, but what else should you be looking for? Simply put, the best spas will offer services that include, but are not limited to Aroma Oil massages, skin treatments, relaxing bath options, body scrubs, foot massages, hand massages, body wraps, aromatherapy massage, and even hot stone massages.

Location Is Everything

Getting a massage in Pattaya doesn’t just mean you’re after an incredible spa experience because if you’re in Thailand you’re looking for an overall incredible experience from start to finish. So, selecting the best spa also means selecting a location that adds to your spa experience and also to your travels. Selecting a top spa in Pattaya means selecting a spa that gives you direct, front door access to a beach front. Better yet, Pattaya also offers exhilarating rides at the local amusement park, nearby local botanical gardens, stunning islands that are just a day trip away, and even a little mountain hiking! Moreover, Pattaya also offers outstanding shopping and dining experiences. By selecting a top spa in Pattaya, you’re selecting a location that will add unforgettable experiences to your travels.

Certifications and Experience

If you’re seeking the top spa experience, then keep in mind that you’re also seeking the top spa staff with top-of-the-line certifications and impressive experience. You’ll find that the very best spas in Pattaya will have therapists certified by the Thailand Ministry of Health. This specific certification means a therapist has undergone hundreds of hours of training, both physically and theoretically. Be sure to keep your eyes open for strong certifications like this when selecting your spa.

Spa Ambiance

The environment of the spa you select has just as much to do with your overall experience as anything else on this list. How you feel at the spa is a huge deal! When it comes to the very best spa, the ambiance will strike you. From the essential oils, to the soothing background music, to the colors and lighting, the best spas will have an ambiance that makes you feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door.

Choosing to vacation or travel in Pattaya was simple, but selecting the perfect spa for your best massage in Thailand can be tough. Thankfully, this helpful advice will lead you to the best spa in the area and give you a spa experience to remember.

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