Backpacking in Manila Is a Trending Leisure Activity for Travelers

A backpacker uses his phone at a railway station while waiting for a train.

You can travel in Manila for a low cost, provided that you take up leisure activities such as backpacking. You can also reduce the cost of travel by staying in a hostel. The cost is minimal when you compare spending the same amount of time in a hotel room.

Besides backpacking, you will also want to visit certain attractions. For example, you should add a visit to Intramuros on your bucket list. This small enclave is encircled by adobe walls. This old Spanish quarter section of Manila features interesting churches and Spanish-made structures. To begin your Manila journey, visit churches such as San Agustin Church and San Sebastian Church. Manila Cathedral is also lovely to view.

Visit the Old Spanish Quarter While in Manila

If you want to escape from the fast pace of contemporary Manila, a visit to Intramuros is in order. The section allows you to escape to another time when the Spanish made this quarter its colonial base. Add to that a stay at a Manila hostel and you will have it made. By locating yourself close to this Spanish historic section, you will get a good introduction into Manila’s history first-hand.

Did you know that Manila is home to one of the biggest Catholic colleges in the world? When you visit the capital, make sure that you check out the campus of the University of Santo Tomas. You will also have to visit one of the shopping malls or the Mall of Asia. If you are seeking bargains, which no doubt you are, check out the special prices at a place such as Greenhills.

Sample Some of the Local Food and Walk Off the Calories

It is also a good time to sample Manila food at the food markets in Makati. You can get your fill of all the Filipino specialties and delicacies, which provide energy that you can use when you venture past the city and hike. However, before you tread further, take a look at the Ayala Museum located in the shopping area called the Greenbelt. If you want to get a good overview of Filipino history, you can do so at this venue.

Listening to the music in Manila is a common thing. Therefore, you won’t have to venture far to enjoy listening to some of the tunes by local artists. The city of Manilla is brimming, if not teeming, with musical energy and harmony.

While you hike through the city, head toward the dock and take a boat to the nearby island of Corregidor. It is located at the entry point of Manila Bay. It was a strategic location in World War II and is the ideal place to visit if you enjoy history.

Get More Tour Information at Your Hostel

If you stay at a local hostel, you can get more information about the local sights and attractions as well as the natural areas where you can backpack and hike. You can get to Manilla by plane as it is a major hub for all the popular airline carriers. Many of the arrivals are directed to the capital’s center. You can make this type of escape possible, given the reasonable travel costs when you backpack and plan a hostel stay.

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