Scoring the First Date: How to Get A Yes!


Although the times may seem too advanced for the dating scene, there are still instances wherein men hesitate to ask a lady out for a date. It may be due to lack of self confidence but more often than not, men simply avoid being rejected and being in a very awkward situation. That being said, men prefer to simply quiet down and refuse to make the move. The act itself is really nerve-wracking. Well, those who prefer to use a dating application may look at things differently, but who knows? After all, it is still approaching with no guarantee of getting a yes.

But, is there really a proper way of asking someone out on a date?Actually, there is no concrete method to follow as every individual’s approach on dating varies. But here’s a few tips that may score the first date and everything else that follows:

  1. Observe and know if she is interested too. Expressions such as smiling, laughing or sometimes, the body language can say a lot. As the saying goes actions speak louder than words and these actions can definitely tell a man whether he should be asking a girl out on a date or not.
  2. If the girl is interested with a gentleman, it is high time for him to level up and get to know the her a little better. Learn what she likes or dislikes as these are indicators of what should be arranged on the first official date.
  3. When the man finally has the courage to ask her out, it is very important to dress to impress. However, it is more than the physical aspect. Personality weighs much more than what is visible to the eyes.
  4. If the lady fortunately says yes to a date, make date plans! First dates often gauge if there is a possibility of going on to the next step. Make sure that the plans are considerate of her too. This is a new experience to both individuals after all.
  5. Go on the date and seize the moment. Most people will say that a good conversation will definitely pull it off but on a ladies’ perspective, a princess treatment may give something extra. Being extra caring, or even giving something special like a cuddly stuffed bear or even chocolate bouquet delivered from Edible Blooms may sound cliché but will absolutely leave an impressive mark.

Asking a girl out on a date may seem to be simple and not significant for some. However, this can pave way to a possible long-term romantic relationship. More importantly, scoring the first date is just the beginning and it does not guarantee compatibility to start with. If the couple is lucky enough to agree on a succeeding date, this should be an opportunity not to put the best foot forward, but being truthful and responsible for the feelings of the other person.

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