Peek at the Best French Press Reviews


The French press has been known to make a unique cup of coffee. Every cup has been piping hot and brewed to perfection. There would be no more guesswork for determining how long the coffee has been sitting on the hot plate. Guests and friends could always count on having a superb cup of coffee. Similar to any other appliance, there have been tricks and tips that people have learned over time that would make their coffee taste a little better. You should go through the Best French Press Reviews in order to make a sound decision.

Investing in a quality press

Foremost, it has been deemed imperative to invest in a quality press. A good French press would encompass an insulation that would keep the coffee warm for a considerable time than a model that does not incorporate insulation. Although, a majority of French press models have been made of tempered glass, which makes them breakable. Presently, it has been possible to find the French press in stainless steel models that do not break easy.

Grinding the coffee

The second most important aspect of using a press would be grinding the coffee. While the type of coffee used along with the roast of the coffee being an individual choice, the grind needs to be coarse. Too fine grind would clog the filter basket on the press. Moreover, finely grinded coffee could often penetrate the final product and leave coffee grinds in the bottom of the coffee cup.

Measurement and water are important factors

The measurement is also important when using a French press. Usually, it would take one large tablespoon of grinded coffee for a four-ounce mug. The coffee grounds should be put into the bottom of the press prior to adding water. The water should be added when it reaches the boiling point. It should be bottled or filtered water.

Let the coffee develop flavour

Lastly, the coffee and water should be allowed to steep for enough time to let it develop flavour.

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