Pink Diamonds And Love – How They Are The Same?


Diamonds are always chosen as a symbol of elegance, love, divinity, affection, and most of all, royalty. Be it for proposing your love or giving an eternity ring to the mother of your child, diamonds find their way in most jewelry designs. However, the worth of this gemstone greatly depends on the color.

White, rose gold, and pink diamonds are the costliest of all. These diamonds have a unique luster and brightness that can make the jewelry stand out even in the crowd. If the proper cut is chosen along with the grade, even a small piece of the gemstone can impart an uncanny brilliance in your everyday appearance, that can’t be subdued, no matter how you try.

Today, we will be talking about only such diamonds- a gemstone that sets a new definition for love and solicitude.

What are pink diamonds?

These diamonds are extremely rare, and perhaps that’s why they are so valuable. It is still not known how these diamonds were formed, but geologists have concluded that perhaps different pressure and temperature have caused the hues to develop within the gemstone. One excellent fact about these diamonds is that they don’t have any toxicity, which is usually the main reason for the hued diamonds.

What does a pink diamond symbolize?

Such a diamond is the symbol of romance, femininity, fanciness, and creativity. In the list of all the fancy gemstones, pink diamonds indeed top the list, thanks to the different intensities of the pink blush hue within the gemstone. Several well-known women in the world wear pink diamond jewelry and flaunt them with pride. Since you will get a wide range of color variations of these diamonds, it is safe to say that choosing this gemstone will be worthy of every penny you will spend. Moreover, you can choose the hue based on your persona. For example, if you are subtle, you can start with the faint blush diamond. If you have a bold personality, such a diamond will be the ideal choice.

How can pink diamonds be used?

One can use these diamonds in several ways, which is why it has become so famous. To ease you more with the idea of having such a rare gemstone, here we have described some ways of using it.

  • For proposals, nothing can be as good as these diamonds as they represent love and affection. You can choose a princess cut diamond on a platinum band, a halo pink diamond with a surrounding trail of small white diamonds, an emerald cut diamond with small white diamonds encrusted in the band, and so on.
  • You can choose such diamonds easily as you will stud, drop earrings, and even long chains for making subtle earring designs. You can even mix the rose gold diamonds and the white diamonds with the gemstone to give a more enhanced look.
  • For wedding bands, such diamonds encrusted in the band will work the best, especially if you want to make the jewelry a statement of fanciness and elegance.

A pink diamond indeed is a gemstone of love and adoration that none can outrun. With a proper cut and grade, you can include it in any jewelry design and wear it to enhance your feminine aura and subtleness. Just make sure to check the quality of the diamond before buying.

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