5 Solar Energy Uses For Your Home


Solar energy used to feel like a far-fetched and futuristic idea, but now it is a reality and it’s right at your doorstep!

In the United States alone, over 2 million solar installations have been installed.

This number is on the rise and expected to increase in the coming years!

Solar energy, or energy harvested from the sun through panel installations, is a renewable energy resource.

Are you interested in learning more about solar energy uses and about installations near you, then keep reading! We’ll be answering all of your questions in this article.

  1. Solar Water Heater

You can use your solar energy for a solar water heater!

There are both active and passive solar water heater systems. Here are the types of active heaters:

  1. Direct Circulation Systems: These types of heaters circulate water through the household and through the collectors. This is great for homes in warm-weather climates.
  2. Indirect Circulation Systems: These types of systems heat water which is then circulated into your home. This type of system is better for cold-weather climates.

You also have the option for passive solar water heater systems, which are generally less expensive but not quite as efficient.

  1. Solar House Heater

If you live in a cold climate, you are probably used to spending a pretty penny on your heating cost.

Utilizing a solar air convection heater can save you money by collecting heat from the sun and using that to heat your home!

They are not quite powerful enough to heat an entire home, but they are an excellent supplement to an already existing heating system.

  1. Solar Charged Batteries

Did you know you can use solar energy to charge your batteries?

This can be used to charge up your phone or any other appliances that need a boost.

A one-time investment for solar-charged batteries can save you money in electricity over the years.

  1. Solar Energy for Cooking

Don’t waste gas or electricity on your cooking.

Instead, use the thermal power of the sun to cook your food to perfection!

On extra sunny days, you’ll be able to cook up your meals with 100% renewable and clean energy.

  1. Solar Energy for Outdoor Lighting

Solar energy for outdoor lighting has a start-up cost, but remember that the fuel is free (the sun!) and will save you money in the long-term.

You can implement a solar lamp for your outdoor lighting needs. This will be much more efficient than utilizing kerosene or electricity.

Do a quick search for “solar panel installation near me” to get started.

The Best Solar Energy Uses

Now you know the best solar energy uses for your residential property.

Solar power is a practical way to reduce your carbon footprint. It is a 100% clean and renewable option and will help contribute to a more sustainable future for generations to come.

In addition, many cities and states are offering rebates for transitioning to solar energy so that it is a more economic option for you and your family!

There has never been a better time to transition your home’s energy source to solar.

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