Tips to register a birth if the child is born outside India


On being an NRI, you can easily register the birth of your newborn. The Indian Constitution allows the babies of the NRI parents to register their birth.  You can easily apply for a birth certificate in Bangalore if you are an NRI. Some excellent tips are mentioned below that can help you to get the birth certificate easily.

Connect to the online schemes

Several online schemes are present that can help the NRI parents to register their child’s name sooner after birth. Thus, the child gets legal Indian citizenship if the registration is successfully granted.

Avoid Making Foreign Passports

The foreign passport can completely restrict an NRI child to get an Indian birth certificate. So, as an NRI parent, you must never make a foreign passport for your child. Otherwise, your child will never gain Indian citizenship.

On the other hand, having an Indian birth certificate will provide an opportunity for your child to apply for Indian citizenship in the future.

Correct Document Verification

If a child is born to NRI parents in a foreign land, he naturally gains the citizenship of that particular country. As a parent, you must take some documents to the Indian Consulate. These documents can make the process of getting an Indian registration of birth quick and comfortable. The proof of Indian citizenship of the parents, certificate of marriage, details of the passport of the parents and the hospital details of the child can be produced at the Indian consulate.

Make a Birth Certificate with a Name

Nameless birth certificates of newborns can be a big problem. In the modern-day, it is always a bold step to make a birth certificate with a name. If a nameless birth certificate is present for an NRI child, it will be considered as useless.

So, the NRI parents can give a name to the newborn child just after birth. Unfortunately, taking the traditional way of keeping an NRI child nameless for months can restrict him to get an NRI birth certificate.

So, these are some of the leading tips that all NRI parents might follow to allow their newborn babies to avail an Indian birth certificate. As a result, this child can return to India and apply for getting Indian citizenship if needed. The union government of India will grant him Indian citizenship quickly under legal guidelines. This way, the child of an NRI couple can simultaneously enjoy the citizenship of two countries.

Though the process might seem to be complicated at first, you can, however, acquire good grip to the proceeding with time. By applying for the Indian registration of birth, you can help your child giving him more significant exposure to his motherland as well as the country in which he is born.

The Indian birth registration needs to be done regionally as the child gets access to all types of properties that his parents possess in the ancestral home. You can expect to get good help from the consulate regarding this matter.

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