Why Buy a Chevrolet Cruse in 2019?


Cars have become one of the most crucial transportation systems for people travelling from one place to another. However, you can’t simply opt for just any car you come across in a showroom. You should know which car would suit your needs. Hence, through this article you will get an insight into why you should purchase Chevrolet Cruz in 2019 from certified places like Veradale Chevy Dealer. Have a look!

Fuel efficiency

This is one of the most ideal reasons to opt for a Chevrolet Cruse 2019 model. It is a turbo, four-cylinder gas engine which will get an individual at least 28 mpg when driving in the city and 38 mpg or more when on a highway. This offers a 32 mpg combined rating in the sedan model; however, the hatchback one drops slightly as its body shape is less aerodynamic.

The diesel engine model offers a remarkable mpg of 31 in the city and 48 on the highway, making it an ideal car when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Spacious front and rear

This car comes with spacious and designer interiors which makes it a better choice for people looking to a compact car. Also, the cabin area is quite comfortable due to ample space it provides. Moreover, rear seat portion of this vehicle offers maximum leg and headroom for any passenger. It is a car where a total of five passengers can seat.

Choice of engine

An individual is offered an option to select an engine of his/her liking. It comes with petrol as well as diesel engine. Most prefer choosing diesel engines as it is popular for being durable and efficient. Also, it can provide more torque. These are quite obvious perks for Chevy Cruse as its diesel engine-equipped models offer better acceleration and fuel economy. This option of choosing an engine makes it one of the most attractive cars in 2019.

A massive trunk

Hatchback or truck area provides one with an excellent space for storing goods when compared with other compact vehicles. The hatchback comes with a space of over 22 cubic feet. However, if an individual requires, he/she can increase this space by lowering rear seats flat. When rear seats are lowered flat, this car will provide the user with a storage space of over 47 cubic feet.

Remarkable handling and safety features

One of the best aspects of this car is its handles corners and turns efficiently. The steering wheel is responsive and tight. Also, it gives a sporty feel to anyone driving it in a city or highway. Moreover, safety features of this car make it the one to buy from a Chevrolet dealer near Veradale.

This vehicle comes with 10 airbags for all its models along with the Stability system from Chevy, which provides rollover and stability protection along with traction control. Moreover, it comes with anti-lock brakes and upgrading trim level offers one to have parking assistance, alert for rear crossing traffic, alerts for blind zones, detecting forward collision, and more.

These are some of the reasons as to why you should opt for the Chevrolet Cruse 2019 model. It is one of the safest, most stylish, and fuel-efficient car available in the market in present times.

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