How to Hire the Outstanding Corporate Caterer for Your Event


Some great venues have an executive chef to cook for the event, and many of the world’s most unique and elegant venues don’t offer catering services for their clients. Hiring a private corporate catering Melbourne can be an exhausted and tiring task for some, but for great event planners who are well-experienced on this kind of job would always pick the best caterer among the rest. So how these event planners choose the most suitable caterer for their event?

Take a look at the following steps below to hire the outstanding corporate caterer that can provide your needs and expectation for an event.

Taste the Caterer’s Food

By tasting the caterer’s food for a trial, you’ll have the chance to judge their cooking style if their food will satisfy your guests. You’ll also experience how it will be presented to your guests, and once you like the presentation, for sure, your guest would be glad too.

Also, this is a great chance to meet the assigned Chef who will cook for your good and see if she or he is flexible enough for the job. Ideally, all items and food should be adjusted according to your taste preferences since you’re the client. But make sure to give feedback seriously as this will also reflect your action to your guests.

Don’t forget to ask the caterer how the food is going to be prepared. So, whether it’ll be cooked at the event venue or it’ll be delivered, make sure that the food complies with the standard cooking preparation and presentation to ensure quality.

Check the Caterer’s References

The best way to know if the caterer provides outstanding services for an event is to know the feedback of their current customers. See if those customers are happy enough with their services or if they are satisfied with how the food is presented to the guest. You can also ask these references what services they like that the caterer has provided. Or things they need to improve (if any).

See Past Event Photos

Past catering pictures will give you a glimpse of the caterer’s aesthetics. Recent event photos will help you determine how their previous event was set up. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like their finishing touches?
  • Do you prefer their use of spacing and service wares?
  • Is the style matched for your event?

Seeing the past event photos of the caterer is an excellent way to define to the caterer what you like to have for your event. For example, if you want it to look elegant and formal, explain it to the caterer. But if you want it to be casual, have a plan together with your chosen caterer on how you can pull out the vibes that you want for your event.

Ask for the Available Services

Other caterers are offering complete packages for their clients. From invitations down to the photographers and hosts. Meaning, you don’t need to look for other third-party vendors to add for your event. They will handle everything that you want and request, and they will make sure to fulfill those and meet your expectations. The only thing that you need to do is to contact your guests and make sure that they will attend your event for the headcounts.

An outstanding catering service provider can give all the necessary services that a client wants. It gives you no room for third-party vendors to come forward to the event scenario.

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