There are Alternatives For Coolants To Look At


The modern world is built in many ways. Many things are milled to make them correctly. Something like a Milling machine coolant is a needed component for making many of these modern conveniences. People do not think about it, but it is as important as the machine itself. There are alternatives to the regular coolants that work just as well. The environment can be a consideration when making parts. That is something that everyone can appreciate. Here are alternatives that are in use.

Synthetic Coolants

There are, as with many other petroleum-based products, a synthetic version of coolants. These chemicals can be dissolved with water, so cleaning is easier. These coolants are continuously being made better. One of these issues that can happen is that some of the components of the fluids can wear away before the rest of the fluid is done. One of these components is the rust preventative. While there are drawbacks, people are working on engineering them to be better every day. These fluids can make a shop easier to clean up and more environmentally friendly.

Air Cooling

Engineers have developed a way to air cool the lubricants used for coolants. These machines mist the coolants into a tube and drop the overall temperature. The combination allows for there to be less liquids used and a cooler operating temperature. That allows the shop or factory the ability to save money on the costs of keeping the machines running. It can be translated to a lower price product that is just as good. The amount of coolant saved is only twenty percent, but it will still help.

Dry Or Near Dry

Another way that some places try to save money is by what is known as dry or near dry machining. This is called Minimal Quantity Lubrication, or MQL. This method is not good when high speed is necessary. While it can save up 280,000 gallons of coolant in a year on a production line, it can also cause machines to overheat if the people are not trained properly. If done properly, a place can keep production, but there has to be new machines in use. Modern materials are made to use less lubrication. That can be good if the proper machines are bought.

Other Ways

There are other ways if a person is up to looking for new ways to either save on coolant or not use any. It is a new field with new developments all the time. A person just has to keep checking. Some are different coolants that are still being made better. These can take experimentation for what will be best for the company.

The best thing to remember is that research is the best friend for anyone who is looking for new ways. It just takes a little bit of time every few months to see what is available. Alternative coolants are available and the price is kept where they can be competitive. Machines are also made to handle new ways. Just keep researching.

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