The Evolution of The Telephone


Since the beginning of human evolution, we have been communicating through symbols, sounds, and characters. For thousands of years we were limited to the ways in which we could communicate until we figured out how to create and translate different languages. The real revolution in communication happened when we figured out how to send our voices through the ether almost instantaneously. For that reason, in this article we will be discussing a brief history of the evolution of the telephone and how it has helped humanity, telephone maintenance services derby ks residents trust, and what we can expect in the future.

The Evolution of The Telephone

The first ever glimpse we got at being able to speak into a communication define came with the invention of the liquid transmitter. Alexander Graham Bell designed this machine with the vision that we would one day be connected and be able to communicate with anyone in the world. It would take more than a hundred years for his vision to become a reality, but it is here now.

From 1876 to 1970, Graham Bells contraption took on different versions and in 1970, AT&T released the first ever videophone. Though the graphics were horrendous compared to today’s iPhones and Androids, it was a giant leap for technology and humanity. Form 1980 to 2000, the first mobile phone was introduced. It was a giant brick-like machine that cost upwards of $1,000 dollars and only a select few could get their hands on one. In 2000, however, the “Sharp J-SH04” was introduced into the marketplace as the first cellphone with a camera built-in.

From 2000 to 2003 we were introduced to the first conference telephone system, the BlackBerry brand, and Skype, one of the most revolutionary communication systems of our time. With Skype we no longer needed to call people because we could now chat with the through video as if we were having a face-to-face conversation. And really, the rest is history. From 2007 to 2018 we have seen eleven different iterations of the iPhone, face recognition, Apple Pay, finger print unlocking features on both the Android and Apple smartphones, and the rise of social media.

Little by little we are now moving away from the traditional cellphone and conversation system, relying on instant messages, emojis to portray our feelings, and robots to deal with our customer service questions.

In conclusion, in this article we have briefly discussed the history of the telephone and communication as a whole. From the liquid transmitter, to today iPhones and Android smartphones, it has been great being able to see the evolution of communication. With augmented and virtual reality becoming better each and every year, the next leap in the telephone and communication as a whole will be the day when we can send ourselves through the ether as a hologram and be able to join and be joined by others across the world. Until then, we will continue sending emojis of peaches and smiley faces, and face-timing with our grandmas.


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