Why We Preferred a Pre-Owned Mazda Car Instead of its Used Version


Mazda has always been our favorite automotive brand. So, when we got to see the hoarding used cars for sale Las Vegas, at our nearby Mazda dealership, we didn’t want to lose the opportunity. There, the staff members cordially greeted us and assisted us at every step to find the best model that suits our list of priorities. Finally, we finalized a pre-owned version of Mazda 6 model that was from the manufacturing year 2017. We were also shown a used version of the same model, that too from an even later version, but we stuck to our original choice. If you ask us why, then here’s the explanation.

The Model Underwent 16-Point Inspection

We all know, there is always a probability of hidden risks, when we invest in a used car. But if you go for a pre-owned model, the price might shoot up higher, but it will lower down the risk factor. This is so because, whenever a used car is in a condition that can pass through the 16-point inspection, you can be sure of its quality, as well as its authenticity. The very category of pre-owned cars has the basic criteria that a used car which can score good marks in a 16-point inspection, conducted by a dealership can only qualify to be listed under this category. So, when we found a Mazda 6 model with all these criteria properly fulfilled, we did purchase it in good faith.

Price Was Not Negotiable

Though apparently, this particular factor might chase away many buyers, but we found it more comfortable, when we were told that the price of no pre-owned car can be negotiated. It relieved us from the uncomfortable negotiations, and we knew we were walking on the right track. Though the price tagged to this model was a little higher than what we expected, we chose to invest in it, since it was worth it, and was evaluated by authentic people.

Transparent Paperwork

The biggest risk of buying a used car is getting trapped with fraudsters. But when the purchase of a vehicle happens in support of a renowned dealership, you are already in safe hands. In cases of pre-owned vehicles, the paperwork becomes even more transparent, since the dealership will not enlist a product under their inventory, unless it can show valid papers all through. So, when we came across these two models, among which one had chances of ambiguity in respect of paperwork, we chose to go with the one, that will handover to us all the papers signed by authentic authorities.

Finalizing the Decision

After we went through all the above-mentioned stages, we arrived at the stage, where we could start our test drive.  At the same dealership,  where we saw the advertisement reading used cars for sale Las Vegas, we were offered an exhaustive test drive, where we were allowed to take our known mechanic to check every part of it, to ensure, every part of this model were sound. Our test drive brought us back with the assurance that we have chosen the perfect car that was manufactured from the most reliable manufacturer.

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